"Congratulations on the successful Polish Happy Hour!
You have done a Great Job!
Dr. Zbigniew Piotrowski"

"On behalf of Imbibe and the downtown community, I wanted to say thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. I hope the free vault party with appetizers was a sufficient gesture to show my appreciation. Rest assured, I would have bought you a keg if I could have. We are all lucky to have your organization in Youngstown.
Jeff Kurz"

"We had soooooo much fun that nite with singing, and meeting new friends. It was the first time I was actually able to make a PHH. I hope to attend more. Try to get out into the Boardman area. It really brought in a crowd. It was nice talking to you that evening. Tank you and hope to see you soon.
Mary Kibler"

It was a great joy to host the Polish Happy Hour here at the Lemon Grove, both from the cultural AND business perspective. Culturally, it's great to see people gather in a celebration of their heritage and from the business perspective it allowed us to have a bustling night that gave us exposure to people who may not have heard of us before. Working with Aundrea, Derek, and Tom to make the night a success was a wonderful experience that I would gladly do again!
Jacob Harver