Past Events - November 2008

Jak Cie Moj MTV
November Event Features Music, Videos

Youngstown - Whether you were cheering for the Democrats or Republicans, the election is over and it is time to relax. One way to do so is join at their monthly happy hour!

"We want people to feel like they are really out at a bar in Warsaw or Krakow," said Darek Chomczyk, PHH Youngstown director. "There are a lot of things that are the same, but it is the differences that we want people to experience and enjoy."

This month's event will take place at Barleys on Thursday, November 13th from 5- 9 PM. It is located at 21 W. Federal St., Youngstown, 44503. Phone: 330-743-6480

The featured Polish vodka will be Zytnia, a distinctive, crystal-clear vodka which credits the use of mountain water for its crisp taste. Names after a village in east-central Poland this is one of the most popular rye vodkas, based on a secret varieties of grain and small additions of aromatic fruits in its ingredients.

This vodka will be on special in any mix, but the featured drink will be the Polski Osio? (Polish donkey) a slightly sweet drink in honor of the election.

The featured beer will be Tyskie. It is the largest brewer and the most valuable consumer brand in Poland. If you like golden lagers with more taste than their American counterparts, you'll like this. Beer experts describe it as "one of those eat, drink and be merry sorts of beers" that go well with hearty fare.

That's what you will be enjoying at this event, too. Playing to Barley's menu, the event will offer kielbasa z kapusta (sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches), as well as tasty desserts.

And, of course, if you are at Barley's there has to be pop and rock music. We will feature a variety of Polish rock banks and solo artists, including Panika. Check out a clip of one their hits at,panika_8222islandia8221.html. We are even working with MTV Polska to have music videos available on a large screen!

Additionally, in response to popular demand, the group will also have PHH Youngstown t-shirts available for sale at this event for $10.

About Polish Happy Hour Youngstown
Polish Happy Hour Youngstown brings together those who hold any interest in Poland or Polish culture to have fun and meet new friends. All persons are welcome, including Polish language speakers and non Polish speakers. Part of a national organization, the group will host a gathering on the second Thursday of every month in downtown locations. Each time the event will respond to the venue by changing the selection of imported Polish beer, vodka special and music selection. We welcome everyone!