Past Events - May 2009

Our most recent Polish Happy Hour took place at the Royal Oaks pub, located on Oak Avenue in Youngstown. The theme for that night centered around the steel industry of our not-so-distant past and the ties immigrants from other countries, Poland included, had to it. Speakers included YSU Sherry Linkon of Steel Valley Voices project and Keith Mann of the Steel Museum, who related thought-provoking facts and thoughts on Youngstown's ethnic history and its connection to the Steel Valley. The turnout that night was fantastic, and the festivities were enjoyed by all. We even had a surprise when one of our first-time attendees treated us to live concertina music! Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy delicious traditional Polish hors d'oeuvres as well as that night's signature drinks: the boilermaker and the screwdriver (made with apricot juice which would have been more common in Poland than our traditional OJ!). We even had the pleasure of Sobieski Vodka's patronage at our event! The evening was full of fellowship and ethnic refreshment, and no doubt everyone who attended this Polish Happy Hour will be looking forward to our next one in June!

Agi plans summer outing with the Scrappers
Agi plans summer outing with the Scrappers


New PHH Chair Tom Kusiowski II makes plans with friends from New Castle for an event there this summer

Papiernik with Cika sisters

Ted Lyda former president of Free Polish Krakusy Society and hall joined us but showed where his heart lies

The Kusiowski men welcome Fr. Joe Rudjak fellow Pole & Youngstown's keeper of the ethnic flame

The YMCA's Mike Shaeffer (L) represented his wife's heritage for the nite. Joining him to Play Polish was his friend Joe Halas.

YSU's Sherry Linkon & Steel Museum's Keith Mann educated the crowd on their proud steel valley roots

First time PHH attendee Roger Juntunen surprised and excited the crowd by bringing his concertina to the bar! Helen and Ursula Gerchak took the opportunity to turn things into a sing-a-long!