Past Events - June 2009

Our June Polish Happy Hour took place at the B&O Station, where we took advantage of the lovely outdoor location to host our own recognition of St. John's Eve! With the Mahoning River running right alongside the Brewery, everyone had the opportunity to affix their own wishes for love onto a traditional Sobotka wreath with lit candles, which was floated down the river to be later followed by a small rearguard of geese. Inside, we were serenaded by Rocco Naples and Roger Juntunen on their concertinas, who couldn't have chosen a finer choice in music for us! Our cuisine included the fine kielbasa, red cabbage, and brandied peach hors d'oeuvres. For beer this time we enjoyed Okocim and Lomza, and our featured vodka drink was the Sobieski screwdriver. Thanks so much everyone for showing your enthusiastic support and understanding, especially on such short notice with our necessary and trying changes in plans!
Tom Kusiowski II - PHH Chair