Program Description

It is our goal to provide an opportunity for students at all levels to enhance their command of this rich Slavic language and knowledge of its culture. Whether a complete beginner looking for conversational skills or a professional seeking to gain facility with more focused vocabulary, our program provides an affordable and convenient means of acquiring the language skills and cultural background knowledge desired.

Currently we two programs where classes meet once a week.

The course is geared toward active language use through oral and conversational practice with an instructor that coaches rather than lectures. Conversations and discussions include a cultural component to familiarize you with both Polish language and culture.

Our pragmatic approach walks you through real, practical situations and dialogues, at your own pace. We will emphasize speaking and comprehension, and as your confidence grows, so does your proficiency.

The courses enhance learning by creating ways for participants to learn Polish history and culture through customs, traditions, music, literature, film and traditional Polish food. The instructor also tailors each semester's instruction to address special student interests, seasons of year and holiday traditions. In this way you learn not only the intricacies of the Polish language, but the breadth and depth of this culture as well.