Meet Our Instructor
Dzien dobry!

My name is Anna Sarnacka Smith and I would like to invite to a journey, a journey of understanding Poland and our beautiful language. Let me introduce myself shortly. I come from Poland (Bialystok). When I was 19, I moved to Warsaw to college, I graduated from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (Polish study, Media Education and Journalism Faculty) and also Business Coaching School. A year ago I moved to the US. As a PR manager and a business coach I shift the focus to supporting clients in hiring process, empowering people for better results, building effective teams. And after hours... I enjoy teaching Polish as a foreign language. It makes me feel certain that effective communication is a real art.

During our journey the biggest emphasis I will put on teaching you the real POLISH: words, phrases we use every day. My goal would be to make you feel comfortable speaking Polish. Since I believe we learn the most when we can experience what we talk about I want to teach you through discussions about history and modern Poland, playing or singing songs, watching movies, and sharing with you how we see the world etc. I want you to feel what being a Pole really means. I would be honored to meet you, no matter how old you are or how much you know about Poland and our language!

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