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The Polish in Youngstown – excerpts from An Ethnic Encyclopedia: The Peopling of the Mahoning Valley, edited by George Beelan, Ph.D. and Martha Pallante, Ph.D., 1996


·         Poles immigrated to Mahoning Valley – Youngstown in 1890’s to work in the Brown – Bonnell (later, Republic Steel) and  Union Iron and Steel (later, Carnegie, then US Steel) mills


·         Mr. & Mrs. John Piatkowski are thought to be the first Poles to settle in Youngstown


·         Others from the early period include: Joseph Majewski, John Turowski, Michael Serwonski, Joseph Mika and Maximillian Kryzan, known as a master stone carver


·         The early Poles settled in the 2nd, 3rd and 6th Wards, concentrating in the Brier Hill, Flint Hill and Williamson Platt neighborhoods


·         The first Polish parish to form in Youngstown was St. Stanislaus  in Flint Hill neighborhood, when a part time administrator, Rev. Charles Ruszkowski, was appointed, June 14, 1902.


·         The first church was built on South Ave. at Flint Hill.


·         In 1907, St. Casimir church was established in Brier Hill.


·         The Free Polish Krakusv Society, Group #827, was founded in 1903 by Jakob Kardyszewski, and a hall built on Franklin Ave.


·         The St. Stanislaus baseball team won the 1933 National Championship trophy.


·         The Polish Arts Club was established in 1935.


·         A 2nd wave of Polish immigrants arrived in 1950.


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