Celebrate Poles Living Around the World & the Polish Flag*

On May 2 Poland celebrates Dzień Polonii i Polaków za Granicą

Day of Polish Diaspora was started in 2002 by the Sejm (Polish Parliament) as a means of recognizing the achievements and contributions of Poles living abroad in regaining independence and helping Poland in its most dire times. It is estimated that there are around 20 million people of Polish origin living outside of the country (click on the graphic to see where they are located!) With one of the largest groups of diaspora in world, it is important to remember that not all are immigrants. Many are displaced from the years of Poland’s changing borders are ethnic minorities in Russia and Ukraine. Learn more here. If you are Polish-born – we join in celebrating you today!

The Polish Flag Day has been officially celebrated since 2004. On this day, numerous patriotic campaigns are organized to remind of the red and white national colors. In the recent years, the national brooch – a white and red rosette worn by the insurgents in the 19th century – has returned to popularity. Poles pin it to their clothes during national celebrations.

Polish national colors are one of the few in the world of heraldic origin. They derive from the colors of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Poland and the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the Polish flag, the white symbolizes the white of the eagle, which features on the coat of arms of Poland, and the white of the Pursuer – a knight galloping on horseback, which features on the coat of arms of Lithuania. Both charges are on a red shield. On the flag, white is placed in the upper part and red in the lower because in Polish heraldry, the tincture of the charge has priority over the tincture of the field.

The red and white colors were first recognized as national colors on May 3, 1792, on the first anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of 3 May. They were officially adopted as the colors of the Polish State by the Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland in 1831 during the November Uprising. After Poland regained independence, the appearance of the Polish flag was confirmed by the Legislative Sejm on August 1, 1919. Story and art courtesy of www.lovepoland.org  

Volunteer to be part of our Downtown Youngstown festival 

As Simply Slavic Heritage Festival approaches on Saturday, June 16, 2018 Noon- 11 PM Downtown Youngstown, it is time for you to show your support. We want our Polish heritage to be represented throughout the festival, but to do so we need YOUR help! In addition to or in lieu of volunteering for the festival itself, PolishYoungstown and Polish Arts Club of Youngstown would appreciate your support in the MARKETPLACE booth or HERITAGE Tent. Both spots require no standing - just a friendly face and a willingness to talk about our culture and maybe sell a t-shirt or two! If enough of us step up, shifts will only two hours and we get to spend the rest of the time enjoying the festival without an admission fee! Please consider joining in the fun! Reach out by emailing info@polishyoungstown.org or calling 330-333-9724. You can help make it great!  ZAPRASZAMY

Event to Offer Options

Members of the Polish-American Community of Toledo are launching a new Polish festival this week - one that organizers say will celebrate Polish traditions and educate the public on Polish culture.
The three-day event is not meant to compete with the long-running, summertime Lagrange Street Polish Festival, but aims to give people options, PACT President Jack Sparagowski said. Sparagowski says the longtime Lagrange Street festival had lost its ‘Polish flavor’ and became more of an international festival over the years as Polish families moved out of North Toledo. His goal was to provide the community with an event that focuses solely on Polish heritage. So
PACT created A Real Polish-American Festival and it will be held May 18, 19. and 20, 2018 at the Club 16 facility located on King Road just south of Hill Avenue in Holland, Ohio, a beautiful 20-acre park-like setting. Organizers say the major focus of the event will be to exhibit true Polish-American culture through music, food, entertainment and the arts. Proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for Polish-American students and to help fund the building campaign for a new Polish Community Center. Fun fact: Over 360,000 people in the Northwest Ohio area can claim some relationship to having a Polish heritage!! ZAPRASZAMY! Sounds like the kind of attitude that we need to support! Anyone interested in going for the day on Saturday? Call us at 330-646-4082

Calendar Highlights

May 18 – 20 Polish-American Festival Toldeo... Friday, June 15 7 PM Party on the Plaza – SLAVIC STYLE with Chardon Polka Band in Downtown Youngstown... Saturday, June 16 11 AM - 11 PM Simply Slavic in Downtown Youngstown... 7:30 pm The Haunted Manor (Straszny Dwór) by Stanisław Moniuszko, The Ohio Theater, PlayhouseSquare, Cleveland... Sunday, July 1 Noon Lenny Gomulka @Gateway Clipper, Pittsburgh... July 7-8 YSU Festival of the Arts... July 13 - 15 37th Annual Slovenefest, SNPJ... August 9-12 Walking Pilgrimage to Częstochowa, Doylestown... Sunday, August 26 Polish Day...  Saturday, Sept 8 6th Annual Carpatho-Rusyn Society Vatra!... Sept 15 &16 2018 Roncesvalles Polish Festival, Toronto...  October 6-8 St. Stanislaus Polish Festival... And you know there will be more to come!Do Zobaczenia!
Aundréa and Your PolishYoungstown Team

*Due to coordination difficulties, this newsletter did not get sent. However, I thought the information was too informative to not share. Thanks for indulging me!

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