Polish Night at the Scrappers (7/15/2009)

What a great time we had last night at the Scrappers. Ok, so the team to live up to their current winning record but in our spacious picnic seats no one seemed to mind. The staff was so worried about preparing the pirogies and kapusta to our liking that we felt dotted on all night!

One of the highlights was our Zywiec arrived in oversized cans--that's a first--and everyone was convinced it was colder, thus tasted better that way.

The other was the parade we made, accompanied by our concertina companion Rocco, to visit our Polish Batboy, Drew Heschmeyer, while he was working. The whole reserve, season ticket-holding section got a big kick out of our appearance and rendition of "Sto Lat" in his honor. Drew was not so excited, but he will laugh about it when he is old like us! 

Baseball Party People

Ready for a great night! Scrappers Matt Thompson welcomes Aundrea Cika, Cynthia Foust and Rocco Naples to the ballpark 
Polish Youngstown's Tom Kusiowski II and Ted Smaj enjoying the novely of Zywiec in a can 
Lisa Lotze gave the game and shirt to her dad as a fathers day gift 
Tony Khoury left his kids at home so Sophie Heschmeyer felt the need to fill in 
And Millie Heschmeyer too 
Jim Kusiowski applies the important all-you-can-drink wristband 
Auggie Heschmeyer is more a fan of dippin' dots than baseball 
Copich family enjoy seats with a view 
Krakowiaki dancers pause from their foul ball catching efforts to pose for the camera
Polish Bat Boy Drew Heschmeyer
Sany Copich, Ted Smaj and Polish & Proud Matt Thompson at the end of the evening

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