Indians Game Photos (2009)

PolishYoungstown's first trip to Polish-American Night at the Indians last week was a great one.
Not enough to fill a bus, we all piled into each other's cars and took off in hopes of visiting the famous Sokowlowski's University Inn before the game. No such luck there (but we made it afterward), but our ride was full of laughter, music and anticipation.
At the last minute we were joined by Mary Anne Hoffman who brought a HUGE Polish flag and Rocko Naples who, of course, brought his concertina. Thanks to them we were the most noticeable members of the parade! Good job you two!
Walking around a major league field was truely much more fun than I anticipated. It gives you a whole different perspective on what it must be like to be a player out there.
Afterward, we climbed into our bleacher seats to enjoy the perfect view and discovered that other Youngstown folks were there to meet to us! As were some of our Cleveland friends that we met on the Dyngus trip!
The weather was perfect, the company was great and the Tribe actually won...who can beat that!
Hope that more of you can join us on our next adventure!
Aundrea Cika Heschmeyer
Director, PolishYoungstown

Trish &  Nash celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on Polish Nite

Maryanne Mlynarski going into the dug out

Sandra Cika  wants to grab a bat but is being rushed off

Chuch Dymer(ski) loved being on the grass

View from home plate

Polish pride for all to read on seat signs

Polish American Congress, OH. Pres. John Borkowski & Sandra Cika enjoy their favorite part of the game

PHH Chair Tom Kusiowski II with his lovely pal Kara Wahl

Isabella's favorit part of the game

In case you thought we were faking it

Family Fun for Khourys - Tony, Agi & Isabella

Don't let someone else shoot the pic

Aundrea Cika Heschmeyer w/bro-in-law Chuck

Youngstown ready to join the parade


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