Kulig still makes me smile
The snow hasn’t stopped but our first Kulig/Polish Happy Hour to celebrate it has come and gone. Everytime I get a annoyed with the cold and ice I think back to what it felt like to by Lake Glacier at night with the music in the distance and the snow softly falling. It was like living in a snow globe.
In the hectic days leading up to Kulig, the Team opened every conversation saying :
“We're planning a beautiful event and everybody's going to LOVE it! “ We were doing it to stay calm and help morale, but you must’ve been listening! I must say that the response from our PolishYoungstown faithful and the Youngstown community at large was an overwhelming success. Let's face it- the Davis Center, okay, the whole park, is a jewel of our community and the venue itself was a big draw under a beautiful blanket of snow. I commend the staff and volunteers (Arlene, Linda, Carol, Ray and all the others) of Mill Creek Metroparks who weren't quite sure what to expect from this "Kulig". Heartfelt thanks go out to our live entertainment who kept everybody singing, dancing and smiling. The talents of Jeff Kaiser, the artist responsible for the ice sculptures was incredible.
It is estimated that approximately 700 guests came through the doors during the course of the evening and others were being turned away in the driveway for lack of parking. Clarke Johnson, the newly appointed park director, had such a great time that he proclaimed next year will be BIGGER AND BETTER! More food, more carvers, a full band and live entertainment at the cabin and—of course—more carriages. Thanks to all of you who came out to enjoy it and were patient with the first year glitches.I believe we donated a nice amount to benefit the Mill Creek Park Childrens' Programs while having a great time. During the course of this year, Polish Happy Hour will partner with a different area charity/non-profit each month.
The loudest applause goes out to Ken Shrilla, PHH Chairman he was seemingly everywhere at once. Afterward he commented that he reluctantly took the chairmanship, but after seeing all the joy that this Kulig brought to so many people, “it's all worth it for me.” If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let him know.

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