Thanks for the opportunity at the Swieconka workshop.  Had a fullhouse every session except the last, but I think everyone went away with several projects and the desire to do them at home.  The Kielbasa/Favorki session went very well and all were amazed that they could make their own in a short period of time in their own home.  It was also great to see everyone both old and new faces, even some from Pittsburgh.
Hope you continue you drive and commitment with your Polish cultural events. 
A great Job! All of the graphics looked GREAT!
Wesolego Alleluja !
Larry Kozlowski
P.S......Aundrea, your mother is very very proud of you especially if she is sitting on a cloud next to Old Lady Szymanowicz and showing her your group's many accomplishments in keeping Polish Culture alive!
By: On Monday, 22 March 2010 Comment Comments( 2 ) Hits Views(103300)
Comments So much fun!

Krakowiaki Team you pulled off another great event!  I'm sure all that attended, will be raving about the day to all their friends and family.  There was such a good flow to the demos and the food kitchen.  It wasn't even crowded by the vendors, although I'm pretty sure they did OK.  I know everyone loved the food.  And of course the Dancers were sooo good.  The "Teenies" could pull off a talent show for "cuteness" all by themselves!
I always have such a good time.

Marianne Poprik

Polish Arts CLub of Youngstown

By: , On Monday, 22 March 2010
Comments Great job!
I'd like to thank  Dance group "Krakowiaki" and Polonia " Polish Youngstown".  A super  job-- keep alive our Polish traditions at "Swieconka'
Bernadette C. Zubel
Director of Region "F"
Polish National Alliance 

By: , On Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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