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Subject: Polish Youngstown Special Announcement
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The 1944 Warsaw Uprising has been described as the single largest atrocity of WorldWar II. It also was the greatest and bloodiest military operation undertaken by any civilian resistance movement. For two months, some forty-thousand irregular volunteers, children and civilians led by a handful of professional soldiers, confronted the Nazi invaders. Nazi officers said they had seen nothing like it.

On Sunday, Oct. 17th from 2-5 PM at St. Casimir Church, the Polish Arts Club of Youngstown will help to expand public knowledge and understanding by screening the award-winning 50-minute BBC documentary The Battle for Warsaw.

Afterward they will host Cleveland resident Halina Junak.  In 1943, young Junak joined the Underground Resistance and for her efforts she was arrested, tortured, taken to a prison camp by the Russian Army and sentenced to death. She says she is coming here to tell her story because soon there will be no one left to tell it. Learn more about it here.

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