What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Płynie Wisła Płynie

Poland under Water

A flood wave moving down the Wisła
River thru central Poland for the last week has spared Warsaw, but flood waters on the Odra River, on the border with Germany in the western part of the country, are now threatening towns in the German federal state of Brandenburg.  Flash floods that have claimed 15 lives to date. The damage is being blamed partially on the country’s 50,000 beavers. Apparently the animals build tunnels in dams and embankments along the river weakening them. In response, authorities have increased the hunting quota on beavers. Officials are beginning to tally the financial toll as well, estimating $240 million in damage to the country’s road network. Poland’s top insurer PZU, went public just a week before the flood and as of late Friday already had recorded more than 20,000 claims. Analysts expect the numbers to spike when residents in northern regions start assessing the damage. Total damage may exceed $2.5 billion.  More info here.

The focus on rising water has done little to distract people from the airplane accident investigation. The Moscow News is reporting that pilot error has been blamed for the plane crash which killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski and 96 others . Earlier today officials confirmed that Poland’s air force chief, General Andrzej Błasik was in the cockpit at the time of the crash. According to some reports, the crew had attempted to land the plane four times.  There is some speculation Błasik’s prescence means the crew was being pressured to land despite the conditions. Read the latest here

In less frantic times, the rehabilitation of Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik) would be headline news. Last weekend, the Roman Catholic Church ceremoniously reburied him after 500 years in a tomb in the medieval cathedral at Frombork on the Baltic coast. It is seen as a final sign of the Church’s repentance for its treatment of the scientist over his theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, declared heretical by the Vatican in 1616. Learn more about it here

Locally, we experienced our own realizations at the Katyń event. YSU’s Prof. Brian Bonhomme did a wonderful job prefacing the viewing of Andrzej Wajda’s Academy Award nominated film with a history lesson to put the topic in perspective. A collaborative effort with the university’s History Department and Club, the well-attended screening prompted both insightful and heated discussion afterward.

Our community outreach on the weekend when we joined with members of Poland Village’s Town One Streetscapes to do spring gardening clean up and planting. What started out as a dreary day ended up sunny and a lot of fun. After working on the bridges and around the Kościuszko & Pułaski sculpture, the group drove to the Riverside Cemetery to inspect the possible location for Krakusy veteran memorial relocation. More info on that to come soon!

LAST CHANCE  Wednesday May 26th will be your last chance to participate in PM Pierogi this season.  Come out, learn to “pinch" and help stock the St. Stan's freezer for all those graduation party and wedding orders. There are May devotions too, so you can come for the devotions at 6 PM and head downstairs afterward. There will be pinching as usual on Thursday morning from about 7 AM till 1:00 PM.

COMING UP:  Plans are underway for two very fun events: Sobótka: Polish Happy Hour at the Gardens and Polish Night at the Indians. Check out the details on our website. You don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy these two events. Here are a few more things on our calendar … Polish Singers Alliance of America triennial conference May 27-30 in Buffalo…Polish Night at Kuzmans is Sat. May 29th features the Polkatones …Three Poles Walk into a Bar Comedy Tour at the Youngstown Club on June 5th 8 PM… American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. June 20-26.

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