What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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How many times we have heard people wax poetic about holidays their Babcia or mother would host full of tasty food and traditions. This year, instead of just reminiscing, add a little Polish tradition to your holiday yourself: use a butter lamb, have your food blessed or decorate the table with pussy willows. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming to share your colorful heritage with your family. Some more ideas are available HERE.

Although it falls on bad church date this year, no one will blame you if you celebrate April Fool’s Day. Known as by its Latin term Pryma Aprylis, April 1st entices the media to get gets in on the fun. One newspaper reported that a herd of 30 bison was marching on Warsaw. Another reported that gasoline stations were being converted into underground milk tanks in order to ensure a supply of cold milk during the summer. The day also is popular with children in Poland and many schools allow their pupils to come to class in costumes and fancy dress.

In that same mischievous spirit, there four spots left if you want to change your mind and jump on the Easter Monday Dyngus Day Bus. It will take you to the world's largest organized celebration of the day in Buffalo. More than 100,000 people celebrate the day at over 75 sites! See the details of the trip HERE! For those staying home, create your own celebration at home or join in the celebration at 7 PM at Kuzman’s.

Polish Happy Hour Youngstown is heading back downtown April 8th when we are hosted by The Lemon Grove. PHH Chairmen Tom Kusiowski II has formed a committee to work on your monthly event (let him know if you want in!) and this will be their debut effort. Plans are being kept a secret but rumor has it will involve some cool new Polish dance music perhaps like this one.  One thing we know for sure is the attendance of Mitch Benia of Kniola Travel to talk about our summer trip to Poland 2010. April 10th is the deadline to sign up for the trip. If you like PHH, you can imagine how fun it is to extend it to all day, over night or for two weeks! Btw, those of you who made it to March’s PHH will remember the talk from the men of Quo Vadis II. Good news! Tom has been selected to participate in the conference for young Polonians that are taking place in Windsor, Canada May 7-9th. We are very excited for him and look forward to benefiting from his experience! One of the things he wants to share with the group is his experience with PHH so he needs your response to the survey. Their goal is to make it the best night of your month! However it will only be useful it you take the time to answer the questions HERE.

If you want to answer us in the language of our forefathers while enjoying “the Old Country” at the same time, here’s a great opportunity! The Kosciuszko Foundation has extended the deadline to April 9th for the Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarship. This scholarship is for undergraduate students interested in participating in a 3-week study program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, board, meals and sightseeing. Undergraduate credit is available. Get more information HERE.

As part of our local outreach, the
Polish Arts Club of Youngstown is working with the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation and the YSU Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies on a joint project. On April 25th at 1:30 PM at YSU the organizations are presenting “In the Name of Their Mothers: The Story of Irena Sendler.” This new documentary about the courageous experience of Sendler and other Poles to save 2500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto just premiered in Warsaw last month. Director Mary Skinner will be on hand to introduce and discuss this story from our shared experience at a reception to follow. Learn more about it HERE. For reserve a spot for this FREE event please call 330-726-4994.

COMING UP: Here are a few more things on our calendar for next month…on April 17th the Ohio Chapter of The Kosciuszko Foundation Annual BanquetApril 23rd-24th The Opera Circle will present Chopin and His Master…This month there are TWO Polish Days at Kuzman's Polka Family plays for a special Sunday event on April 11th and Sat. April 24th is Ray Jay & the Carousels…. summer’s trip to Poland 2010.

Do Zobaczenia!
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