What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Święconka, Polish Easter Traditions workshop and celebration last Sunday at St. Stanislaus Church. The set up worked out very well for those who wanted to learn about crafting for the holiday. We are so lucky to have Larry Kozlowski willing to share his skills at egg decorating, palm weaving and other Polish cultural info with us! Those who came for shopping and food also were not disappointed. A number of us gathered with the Tofilskis to make the white kielbasa from scratch on Saturday (see pics HERE). It was a tasty addition to a huge platter of other authentic and homemade items served with a smile by St. Stan’s own Pierogi Ladies. One of the highlights of the day was the charming performance of new material including Polish recitation and instrumentation from the youngest members of the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle. Event pics are available HERE. Congrats to Chair Marta Mazur and all of her team!

After more than six weeks of Lenten fasting, abstaining, sacrificing and penance, Mahoning Valley residents will be ready to celebrate. Easter Sunday is for praise and worship, but, in Polish tradition, we also will be ready for mischief and fun. Kniola Travel is helping us celebrate by going straight to the source. The world's largest organized Dyngus Day celebration takes place in Buffalo's eastern suburbs and the city's Historic Polonia District. The annual event is celebrated with a level of enthusiasm that rivals St. Patrick's Day elsewhere. More than 100,000 people celebrate the day at over 75 sites! Last year we enjoyed the parade from a float, met polka legends and danced and drank our way all over town. Don’t you deserve a day off? Make this the one! Check out Dyngus Day Buffalo. See the details of our trip

This month all Americans began to receive their U.S. Census forms - and it’s important that you and your family members get counted as Polish Americans. If we indicate our ethnicity on the census, and the number of us counted as Polonia increases since the last census, this increases our chances as a community to access federal funding and other programs that can support our culture. How to do it: When you get your Census form, go to
Question No. 9, check your race, then ALSO check the Some Other Race block and fill in the words Polish in the blocks provided. Complete this same question for additional persons living at that address but it will be Question No. 6 While this may seem odd, this is the instruction we were given by the Census Bureau when we asked the question for how to capture our ethnicity on the form. So, be counted on your census form—and tell all your friends, neighbors, church fellows and family who are Polish to fill it out too.

The Polonia Foundation of Ohio has reached out to offer Mahoning Valley students a chance at their competitive scholarships for 2010-11. Several scholarships and grants are available for college, and at least one scholarship is available each for medical/dental and law school. A copy of our current scholarship application is available HERE. Completed applications are due by June 1, 2010.  More than 20 scholarship grants totaling more than $22,000 were given out last year. 

There is still time to take advantage of the Cleveland film Festival’s featuring Poland’s famous film industry. On Sunday, March 28th at 4:15 PM they host the international premiere of “Splinters” by Maciej Piprzyca.  The opening scenes — a bride fleeing from her wedding, a lone motorcyclist on the road, their collision — set the stage for the three acts that comprise this intriguing film in Polish with subtitles. To learn more or get tickets go HERE or call 877-304-FILM. If you want to go as a group contact Aundréa at aundrea@polishyoungstown.com.

COMING UP: For those of you who didn’t make it to Swieconka, you can taste some of the goodies by stopping by the Four Seasons Flea Market to visit with Pittsburgh-based S& D Deli Polish deli every Wednesday ….St. Stan’s is offering their famous Fish Fry on Friday, March 26th. A bursting platter of fish and other goodies can be yours for only $8…the private tour of the Polish archives at Western Reserve Historical Society takes place Saturday…It’s Polish Night at Kuzman's Lounge Sat. Mar. 27th featuring Stephanie from 8 PM to midnight……. summer’s trip to Poland 2010.

Do Zobaczenia!
Your PolishYoungstown Team

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