What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Polish Happy Hour Youngstown is heading back to the suburbs today March 11th 5:30-9 PM at The English Pub in Boardman. But the experience will be far from sedately suburban. In addition to the normal delights, we have secured the hard to get Lomza beer and are mixing spring-themed vodka martinis for your pleasure.

Special speakers this month will be Robert Hryniewicz and Adam Paluszkiewicz of the Quo Vadis II. Taking place in Windsor, Canada May 7-9th, the gathering of young Polish Americans and Canadians will focus on their shared experience of heritage, leadership and unity. PolishYoungstown is hoping to sponsor a group to attend from our area so encourage any of your 18 and 35 year old friends to attend and hear what they have to say!

We are very excited and honored to say we will be hosting more Polonia dignitaries from Cleveland. John Borkowski, president of the Polish American Congress, his son and PAC Delegate Wally Borkowski and Polish Legion of American Veterans Ohio Commander Kenneth Milenovic are all driving in from the north to see what we are doing right down here. Please help us by showing up and giving our friends from up north a warm reception!

You’ll remember at Half-Way to Polish Day we kicked off Polish Predictions, our 50/50-Attendance Guessing Contest.  For a quarter, people got a chance to guess the attendance and put their guess in the jar. For every 50 guesses in the jar, PolishYoungstown will add a $10 bill to this Polish apron for the kitty. The jar and horn will be on site tomorrow and at every event we are involved in for the next six months. Those closest to the real number at 3 PM on Polish Day will be entered to the 50/50 of the cash amount collected!! Feed the jar at PHH!

BTW, PHH Co-Chairmen Tom and Darek want to hear what YOU have to say! They haven’t received nearly enough responses to the PHH survey to figure out what you think works—and doesn’t—at their monthly events. Sure, there is a certain amount of it “if it ain’t broke…” but their goal is to make it the best night of your month! So please take a moment at answer the questions HERE.

The Krakowiaki is hosting Święconka, a Polish Easter Traditions workshop and celebration, will take place on
Sunday March 21st from 12-4 PM at St. Stan’s Church on Williamson Ave. in Youngstown. Responding to your request, we have separated the lessons from the eating area allowing for a quieter, more focused experience.

this year is the participation of S& D Deli. The Pittsburgh-based Polish deli will be in town to offer tastings and taking orders for authentic special Easter items, such as kielbasa biala surowa (fresh, white sausage), the rye-inspired zurek (white borscht), and, unique, fruit- and meat-filled pierogi. Advanced orders will be delivered to Youngstown for pick up during Holy Week. How’s that for convenient?

Children will not be left out!
There will be a performance by the Krakowiaki at 2 PM featuring new and participatory material as well as holiday traditions. A coloring contest will be ongoing throughout the day (download an entry sheet here) and there will even be a chance to get your picture taken as everyone’s favorite Easter item, the baranek wielkanocny (Butter Lamb)!!

This all in addition to the Polska Piekarnia (Polish bakery) with homemade paczki (donuts), homemade sugar-free kolachi, babka (Easter bread), krusciki (bow tie cookies) to take home or enjoy on site; and the Polish Peddler with wooden eggs, decorating kits, blessing basket cloths, icons, and, of course, as well as a tasty, traditional Polish Easter morning platter with new cooks in the kitchen this year.We hope you can come out and support the dancers efforts to buy authentic costumes. A schedule and more info is available HERE.

We’ve wanted to feature Poland’s famous film industry for a while but have yet to have a chance. But as luck would have it, the Cleveland Film Festival is doing it for us! On Sunday, March 28th at 4:15 PM they host the international premiere of “Splinters” by Maciej Piprzyca.  The opening scenes — a bride fleeing from her wedding, a lone motorcyclist on the road, their collision — set the stage for the three acts that comprise this intriguing film in Polish with subtitles. To learn more or get tickets go HERE or call 877-304-FILM. If you want to go as a group contact Aundréa at aundrea@polishyoungstown.com.

Don’t forget the moving “Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz,” will be on display until May 23rd. Some of us attended the opening reception and really enjoyed it. The contrast of the artist’s rendition of her bucolic Polish villages and the start addition of Nazi soldiers takes you immediately into her Holocaust experience. As always the Butler is free. Learn more about the exhibit HERE.

We try to keep things up to date and vital for you. So don’t forget to check out our Video of the Month, web blog (and add some yourself) and learn the Polish Words of the Month!

There is still room for YOU to participate in upcoming adventures...…private tour of the Polish archives at Western Reserve Historical Society...…Kosciouszko Foundation  Ohio Annual Awards Dinner and Concert…spring bus trip to Dyngus Day..…. summer’s trip to Poland 2010  If you like PHH, you can imagine how fun it is to extend it to all day, over night or for two weeks!  Can’t wait to toast you with Zywiec in Krakow!

Do Zobaczenia!
Your PolishYoungstown Team 

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