What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Polish Happy Hour last week was the warm, friendly event we have come to enjoy at Café Cimmento.  George and his staff whipped up some tasty snacks and minty drinks, we added the yummy desserts! But everyone’s favorite part had to be the sharing of oplatek. Tom did a presentation and then we did a brief, participatory prayer service. It was great that everyone in attendance joined in the breaking and sharing of good wishes including new attendees and some random bar patrons! It was exactly why we host PHH every month and a fitting way to end the year. The 2010 PHH Schedule will be available on our website shortly. If you have a location you think we should consider, contact Tom. Click HERE to view photos.

Another chance to join add a little Polish to your holidays and lift the spirits of others comes the Friday Dec. 18th.  The Krakowiaki invites you to become part of their kolendnicy group as they go Christmas caroling at a The Greenbrier senior complex on South Ave. in Boardman. Want to join us? The plan is to meet our musicians at 5:30 near Jillian’s at Southern Park Mall then head out. After two shows there, we return and do a final round of songs in the mall’s Grand Concourse at 7 PM. Afterward we all will retire to Jillian’s to celebrate the season and a successful performance year. Let us know to wait for you and or hold at seat a Jillian’s by emailing us.

Last minute gift buying? Consider a copy of the newly re-released The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt: War Through a Woman's Eyes, by Rulka Langer. Published by Aquila Polonica Publishing the book gives insights into the 1939 Siege of Warsaw and the early German occupation. It is available on Amazon. More info on the book is available at the useful Polonia Today website 

Thursday, December 17th
is the LAST DAY to order St. Stan's before the Christmas holidays
St. Stanislaus    330-747-3024
Flavors: potato, cheese, and sauerkraut
Price: $5/dozen    $20 a bag of 50 frozen
Friday, December 18th
is the LAST DAY to order St. Joe's before the Christmas holidays
St. Joseph the Provider    330-755-1316
Flavors: potato & cheese, sauerkraut and lekvar
Price: $4.50/dozen    
Don't opt for store bought--Support your local Polish parishes instead!

Make learning to speak Polish your New Year’s resolution this year because we can help! We are excited to introduce Martyna Matusiak announce that people have stepped forward, so we are officially offering Polish language lessons one evening a week! Now all we need is YOU! The fun, conversation-based class would be offered on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM at a downtown location TBD starting Jan. 12th and will run through the spring for $50 per student.  We need a minimum of 10 students. If we have enough interest, we might be able to break the class into different skill level groups since another teacher is interested. Martyna will be available for private lessons between 3-6 PM on Tuesdays too! A class syllabus outline and registration will soon be available at polishyoungstown.com.  Come join us for this great cultural learning experience!
These classes would be in addition to the FREE Basic Polish classes currently being offered on Tuesday mornings 11:30-1 PM at Sts. Peter & Paul. For more information call 330-793-5925.  

With your improved knowledge of Polish you won’t suffer the same disdain as Fox TV’s Glenn Beck. Last week Beck made a hash of pronouncing the surname of U.S. Congresswoman Janet Schakowsky and the Piast Institute called him to task. Virginia Skrzyniarz, Piast Executive Vice President, via press release reminded the outspoken commentator that the Illinois Dem’s name is only three syllables long and its original spelling already was altered to make it easy for English speakers to say. “The prejudice the Polish-Americans have suffered has usually begun with the mockery of our names,” Skrzyniarz said. ”Our names are a key to our identity, self-esteem and our pride in our heritage and family. To fail to pronounce them correctly, especially on national television, is a mark of disrespect.”She concluded by noting that all television stations have guides for pronunciations of foreign names and places and recommending Polish and Polish-American names be included.     

Do Zabaczenia!
Your PolishYoungstown Team

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