Polish Happy Hour Tonight
Subject: Polish Happy Hour Tonight
Send date: 2009-12-10 12:25:30
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PHH TONIGHT AT Cafe Cimmento

All this talk of a snow storm made us think we should cancel Polish Happy Hour Christmas celebration TODAY but it looks like the Mahoning Valley will get spared for a change of pace!

It may be cold but our peppermint vodka cocktail special will warm you up!
Hope to see you there!

The holiday celebrations continue this week. Polish Happy Hour will be a warm, friendly event at Café Cimmento on Dec. 10th. In addition to our normal fun and laughter, we will add some unique Wigilia-inspired delicacies as have available suggested Wigilia menus you can use at home. Tom’s lovely szopka will be on display and there will be a discussion and sharing of oplatek with our friends in honor of the holiday. St. Joseph the Provider will even have some blessed packets on hand for you to buy to use at home! Okocim’s winter beer will be featured as well as a tasty peppermint Luksusowa cocktail and a spiced Belvedere martini! And remember, our new red PHH t-shirts would make great gifts for all the Polish people on your holiday gift list and they will be available for sale that night too. Plan to join us!
Do Zabaczenia!
Your PolishYoungstown Team

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