What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Thanks to all of you who came out last Thursday to celebrate Polish Happy Hour & PolishYoungstown's Birthday Celebration. We had a substantial, enthusiastic turnout with many new faces.

In fact, the NYC Bison Marketing Manager Andrew Bak couldn't say enough about how more he enjoyed our event compared to others he has attended nationally because the people seem to connect with others and meet new people. His text in fact said: "Thank you for everything! I had a blast! Can't wait for the next one!"

He added that he was so impressed that he wants in on sponsorship for our Ostatki carnival celebration in February. Nice!

Check out the pictures from the event HERE.
Next month's event is Nov. 12th at Shakers on Belmont Ave.


I wanted to tell you about a very special event happening this week.


Zatańczmy: A Celebration of Polish Folk Dance will be taking place on Sunday, October 18th at Magnificat High School Performing Arts Center 20770 Hilliard Boulevard, Rocky River, OH.

Zatańczmy  [pronounced za-TIENCH-mih] means “dance with us” and it sums up the spirit of joyful collaboration that has brought these six formerly rival Polish folk song and dance troupes together for the first time.

The directors and choreographers of these non-profit groups—including Youngstown’s Krakowiaki--have spent months learning to work as a team and preparing for this event. This is in addition to the countless hours they spend educating the community by upholding this 1,000-year-old tradition. They dedicate their time and energy to share their appreciation of authentic Polish folk study with not just the new arrivals, but, more importantly, with those third generation Americans like most of us who are Polish because their grandfather or great-grandfather made the harrowing journey to America so many years ago. This type of event-filled day helps them to get a taste of what their Polish ancestry is all about. WE NEED TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT.

This event was created to celebrate Polish-American Heritage Month and showcase the talents of the region’s non-profit folk dance groups in a more cost-effective yet spectacular way than in the past. Many of you may be familiar with Maszowse or the Tamburitzans…it is that kind of show only all Polish and all local talent. Recognizing the economic challenges faced by their sponsoring organizations, the choreographers and directors of these groups reached out to their Polish National Alliance and the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America brethren to combine forces and share resources.

This team has been meeting for eight months to lay out an integrated two-hour gala production that highlights the best of the groups involved and will be extremely colorful and inspiring. The more than 100 children, adults and seniors (including many of your PolishYoungstown Team Members) that make up these groups raised more than $6,000 to host this event. They are doing fundraisers, tapping into individual accounts and soliciting broad sponsorship.

To satisfy your interest, I did my part to make sure you can enjoy what you like best: the food and goodies. A Polish buffet will be offered from noon-3 PM. All of your favorites and homemade baked goods will be available to enjoy there or take home. Additionally, you can start your Christmas shopping with the delightful marketplace full of authentic Polish folk art and alike.

More information is available HERE

On a funny note, Danny Pudi, from the cast of the new NBC comedy, Community
was on The Bonnie Hunt Show last week. She is Polish-American and they got to talking. Turns out he is half Indian and half Polish, grew up in Chicago and was a Polish folk dancer!! He demonstrated some of those retained skills for Bonnie and we made it our Video of the Week. Check it out HERE.

Please consider spending the afternoon immersed in our Polish culture…and take a friend whose heard your enthusiasm for PolishYoungstown activities but never had the chance to enjoy them!

Thank you in advance.


Aundrea Cika

Director, PolishYoungstown


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