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The Polish custom of drowning Marzanna (also known as Marzaniok, Morenam, Mór, Śmiertka, Śmiercicha), the symbol of winter, celebrates the end of the cold and snowy winter and the longer days and coming warmth of Spring. Families would make a straw effigy dressed and throw it into a nearby river or other suitable place. Sometimes the doll was set on fire before her immersion into the water.  "Marzanna" was the name of the ancient pagan goddess of Death. It is also a female name and generally means something like a mixture of FROST and ANNA - the goddess of winter. However as with the majority of Slavic pagan customs the etymology is unclear. The word mara means also nightmare so somehow all the things are combined. This custom survives today in many regions of Poland and we love it here in the Mahoning Valley. So we will make have a ceremony sending our homemade Marzanna to her watery grave on the banks of the Mahoning it part of our activities at Polish Happy Hour Youngstown TOMORROW Thursday, April 11th from 5:30pm until 9:30pm at the Boxcar Lounge at B&O Station. Of course Polish beer and drink specials will be available. Since the Boxcar does not have food service, this will be a "pot-luck" Happy Hour made up of whatever the Team and YOU bring! You are not obligated to bring a dish, but any contributions of food or desserts will be appreciated. Hope to see you there!

Inside the mind of Polonia
The Piast Institute would like your help with the 2013 Polish American Survey.  This survey follows up on two earlier national studies that the Institute did in 2009 and 2010.   The new study probes some of the key social, political and economic questions asked on the earlier studies and adds a few additional issues that have aroused public concern since.  It also probes the attitudes of Polish Americans on matters of concern to the community and their ideas about its future. The study is being conducted as a "rolling survey" over a span of three months.  Polish Americans and Poles living in America are encouraged to participate.  Let your voice be heard by clicking here

Secret Going Ons at Polska Kuchnia class
So when you sign up for a class with Polska Kuchnia, we tell you what we're cooking, but there just may be an extra bit more thrown in for fun. Our recent paska/babka (Easter bread) is a good example. The class was promoted only in this newsletter was to be limited to six people yet demand was great enough that we had to do 2 classes! With bread making, there is always the down time while waiting for the bread to raise.  Not to worry!  We taught the students how to make cabbage and dumplings and then made a lunch of them.  And during the second raising, the students sampled various homemade wines.  Darn, sipping wine calls for something to nibble on so they were offered homemade, smoked kielbasa. While all the wining and dining was going on, the seductive aroma of baking bread was teasing our nostrils.  The bread came out of the oven looking like a baker's work of art.  Of course, the best bread is eaten hot from the oven and slathered in butter.  Smaczna!    Our last class for the season will be in May.  How do appetizers - Polish style - sound for the class?  Oftentimes, the best parts of a dinner party are the appetizers.  We'd like to hear from you to help us plan the autumn classes.  What is it that you'd like to learn?  Chef Tad is looking for class ideas.  Email him  or call 330-427-2752 with your ideas.  Smacznego 

Slavic Student Association Nite Out
In the mood to groove to some different tunes? Join the YSU Slavic Students Association at their Slavic Jam Session Fundraiser at The Lemon Grove next Tuesday, April 16 from 6- 9PM. The evening will feature music by The Noćne Sove Tamburitza Orchestra and Roger Juntunen's Concertina Concerts. Come listen to music and get the chance to win Slavic arts-and-crafts gift baskets!  Noćne Sove was created by Jeff Mentzer, a self-taught tamburitzan, and Angela White, granddaughter of the late Angie Zadravec, in early 2011. Noćne Sove plays a variety of music including Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, and many more. Inspired by numerous talented musicians, this talented group has been exposed at a young age to the true meaning of carrying on musical traditions and customs.  Roger Juntunen will play a selection of Slavic ethnic music on the concertina. His study of the instrument led him to research a range of free reed instruments and perform music from across the world. Come have fun and support the SSA! The funds will go towards future film screenings, guest lectures, and workshops.

News from Poland
Polish film wins big at international festival
Polish filmmakers seem to always address the tough topics but do it very well. Results of some recent festivals are showing no change in that trend. The 18th edition of the Kino Pavasaris Vilnius International Film Festival in Lithuania recently awarded Loving (Miłość) the Best Film in the New Europe. Directed by Sławomir Fabicki, the film is a drama about a family affected by rape. Watch the trailer here and learn more about other in this week’s Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
May 3 application deadline for Simply Slavic scholarship... CONSTITUTION WEEKEND CELEBRATIONS Friday, May 3, 7 PM Cleveland Indians Game Indians vs. Minnesota Twins, Progressive Field. The Terminal Tower will be lit in the National Colors of Poland that evening... Saturday May 4, 7 PM Queen of the Parade Ball, St Casimir Church, Cleveland... Sunday, May 5, 2:00 PM Polish Constitution Day Parade on Ridge Road in Parma...Saturday May 18, 7-11PM Happy Polkaland 49th Radio anniversary celebration will be held at Kuzmans... And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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