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How many times we have heard people wax poetic about holidays their Babcia or mother would host full of tasty food and traditions? This year, instead of just reminiscing, add a little Polish tradition to your holiday yourself: use a butter lamb or decorate the table with pussy willows. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming to share our colorful heritage with your family.  Another nice tradition is to have your Easter morning food blessed. In Poland, even the process of taking the basket of food to church is a festive occasion after the long, somber Lenten period. There are always certain items that should be in the basket along with your food. The priest then specifically addresses the various contents of the basket, with special prayers for the meats, eggs, cakes & breads. He then sprinkles the individual baskets with Holy Water; some even use the traditional straw brush for dispersing the water. Older generations of Polish Americans, descended from early 19th century immigrants, tend to bless the whole meal, often brought to church in large hampers & picnic baskets. Newer Polonian immigrants and those from urban Poland present the smaller arrangement of select goods just to give an idea of what will be eaten. Many of the Mahoning Valley’s churches offer this option on Holy Saturday. Here’s a partial list

Time to celebrate…
After more than weeks of Lenten fasting, abstaining, sacrificing and penance, all Catholics will be ready to celebrate. Easter Sunday is for praise and worship, but, in Polish tradition, Śmigus-Dyngus, the name for Easter Monday, was for mischief and fun. The stories of the holiday’s origins are mixed and can be found back to pagan eras. Most like to claim it remembers the baptism on Easter Monday of Mieszko I (Duke of the Poland, c. 935 - 992) in 966 AD, uniting all of Poland under the banner of Christianity.  Today it is full of buckets of water and palmy wielkanocne, decorated pussy willow branches.
In the States,
Buffalo is American’s Dyngus Day capital. PolishYoungstown has taken a bus up there more than once to join the more than 100,000 people celebrating the day at more than 75 sites!  This good time has inspired the CLEVELAND to celebrate the day themselves!  Festivities have expanded this year for Dyngus Day Cleveland. From the Shoreline to new Cleveland Dyngus Day celebrations in Tremont and the Flats, celebrations will commence as early as 10 am. The highlight of the day's festivities is expected to be the accordion parade at approximately 4 p.m. on West 58th Street. At 1 pm Living Traditions Folk Ensemble will be performing to try to add a little authentic Polish feel to a truly Polish American celebration.

Polish Happy Hour plans to put an end to winter
This endless snowy weather has us resolved that there must be an end to it! Celebrations took place last week in Poland (read about it here)So PHH Chair  Ken Shirilla is ready to do his part saying it’s time to drown the marzanna.”  The origins of the word “Marzanna” are under debate, but the etymology is clearly rooted in a vocabulary of misfortune. The name harks back to the word “mor,” which means “illness” and is no longer used. Many Marzanna dolls today are eye-catching objects full of color and creativity. At the Zastow community center in Warsaw, the 80 or so dolls on display along the fence included faces made of rubber gloves, arms made of wooden spoons, button eyes and garlic garland necklaces. So let’s make it fun: When we gather for PHH next month at the B&O/Box Car Complex on April 11 5:30-9 PM, BYO Marzanna and stand to win a serious prize!

What’s next for Polska Kuchnia?
There is so much more to Polish cuisine than pierogi, cabbage and noodles and gołąbki. And it’s Polska Kuchnia’s mission to not only keep our favorite foods on the table, but to introduce you to more of Poland’s cuisine.  Did you know that the textbook used by many culinary schools has a chapter dedicated to Polish cooking!?  Poland was a gateway to foreign markets in ancient times.  Traders brought back spices and foods and introduced them to Europe.  When Polish kings married princesses from Italy and France, the cuisine from these countries known for their fine foods further enriched Polish cuisine.  In future classes, you’ll see us offering new items to add to your home menus. Meanwhile, we still want to offer you classes in what you want to know.  Chef Tad is looking for class ideas.  Email him or call 330-427-2752 with your ideas.  Anyone who has attended one of his classes can tell you: you have a great time and leave with some great tips that make cooking a fine meal easier.  Join us in the Polish kitchen where even the seasoned cooks learn. Smacznego!

On the Silver Screen
Polish films are always part of the Cleveland International Film Festival which runs April 3 - April 14, 2013, at Tower City Cinemas at Tower City Center in Downtown Cleveland.  In fact, more than 20 years ago, the Festival launched a special focus on films from Central and Eastern Europe, the native lands of many Clevelanders. Back then the world was a different place: the Berlin Wall was still standing, the U.S.S.R. was still one country, and the Cold War was chilling out. Over time the films coming from Poland and other Slavic nations have changed dramatically due to filmmakers exerting their rights to make films without government involvement and censorship. We now see films from a plethora of genres, including colorful comedies, slice of-life sketches, and unusual love stories. The results provide us with a rare and unique look inside the lives of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. Two that caught my eye are Shameless and Yuma. Learn more about the movies here

Slavic Scholarship monies stay local
The Simply Slavic committee has announced that it is seeking applicants for its first ever academic scholarship … they are looking no further than Youngstown State University. Undergraduate YSU students who have completed their freshman year and are currently enrolled at YSU are encouraged to apply for the $500 scholarship. The deadline for scholarship applicants is May 3, 2013. The winners will be announced at the group’s third annual festival on Saturday, June 15, 2013, from Noon-11 PM on Federal Plaza East. Further information and applications are available by request at info@simplyslavic.org.

News from Poland
Polish “penny” saved from extinction
Here in the U.S. we are trying to ditch our humble penny, but Poland’s equivalent, the grosz, was brought back to life thanks to by the Ministry of Finance. The lowest denominations of Poland's grosz coins will stay in circulation after research by the Ministry found retailers wanted the coins to stay in circulation. There are 100 grosze to 1 złoty. Learn more about this story and other in this week’s Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
Wednesday, March 27 6 PM
last chance to enjoy Gorzkie żale (Lenten Lamentations) at St. Stanislaus Kostka where the service is sung by the renowned Polish Choir... Monday, April 8, 2013 from 3 – 4 PM Cleveland State Polish Studies Initiative featuring the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich  CONSTITUTION WEEKEND CELEBRATIONS Friday, May 3, 7 PM Cleveland Indians Game Indians vs. Minnesota Twins, Progressive Field. The Terminal Tower will be lit in the National Colors of Poland that evening… Saturday May 4, 7 PM Queen of the Parade Ball, St Casimir Church, Cleveland... Sunday, May 5, 2:00 PM Polish Constitution Day Parade on Ridge Road in Parma... Saturday May 18, 7-11PM Happy Polkaland 49th Radio anniversary celebration will be held at Kuzmans... And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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