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Polish Happy Hour goes on Spring Break …to Croatia

Every summer thousands of winter-weary Polish sun seekers descend on the beautiful rocky beaches and islands of the
Croatian Adriatic coast. They've been making this holiday pilgrimage since the Socialist times when travel to the West was not generally possible. Former Yugoslavia, of which Croatia was a part, was one of a few permitted tourist destinations outside Poland. The sounds of Polish disco music still fills the air during the day on the beaches where Poles flock and at night, the same dance beats emanate from the clubs lined on the quaint cobblestone streets of the Croatian Dalmatian beach and island towns. One extremely popular destination for former "Eastern Block" tourists is called the Makarska Riveria, on the Dalmatian coast. Accommodations for every budget range from simple beach side tent campsites to family-owned rental units and budget and luxury hotels. Today Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Polish Happy Hour will travel to our own local Croatian destination, St George Croatian Center located at 3200 Vestal Rd, Youngstown, OH 44509. Happy Hour times will be from 5-9pm, and the kitchen will be open from 4:30 until 7:30, so come early enough to eat. We will experience authentic Croatian food, including čevapčići (small hand-made sausages) and also be able to purchase the hallmarks of Croatian hospitality…Karlovačko pwvo, Šljivovica and Kruškovac . As a cultural bonus, the Happy Hearts Junior Tamburitzans will dance for us at 7pm. Be sure to attend this unique cross-cultural event and visit with our Croatian friends at their home.

Lenten Observations
During the Lenten season in Poland, festivities are solemn and centered on a church weekly service called Gorzkie Zale. This ancient custom was started in the 1700s and is conducted with words and chants that retrace the passion and crucifixion of Christ. This unique conversation with Christ about his suffering is done to haunting melodies that will burn into your memory and stay with you throughout Lent and beyond. A sample of the words and melodies can be reviewed here. This tradition continues at St. Stanislaus Kostka where the service is sung by the renowned Polish Choir every Wednesday evening at 6 PM. Although in Polish, guidebooks provide a page-by page English translation of what is being said. I encourage you to attend at least once during these next several weeks.
Afterward, head downstairs and donate some time at PM Pierogi with St. Stan’s pierogi team. And of course if you are observing meatless Fridays, enjoying tasty pierogi will certainly make it less of a sacrifice. But preorder because it gets busy this time of year. Call 330-747-3024 for St. Stanislaus; 330-755-1316 for St. Joseph the Provider and 330-758-8333 for Krakus Polish Deli. St. Stanislaus Kostka is also holding a Fish Fry on Friday, March 15, from 4-7p.m. Tickets for the fish or shrimp dinner will be $10 at the door. Halushki can be added to the platter for an extra charge. Dine in or take out.

Polish language classes resume
Polish language and culture classes kicked off last night with 12 attendees, including a young college student! I was thrilled by their enthusiasm. We are using a new text for the evening class written specifically to teach Americans so it is much more conversation driven. If you are interested, contact Pani Roseanne at 724-347-3455; this is the perfect time to jump in!

Polska Kuchnia gets you ready for Easter
Chef Tad hears your call and has answered your request! Join him on Sunday, March 24 and you can learn the yeasty art of babka/paska a.k.a. Easter bread. The class costs only $25 per person and requires pre-registered. Space is extremely limited. There’s more information
here or call Tad at 330-427-2752. 

Sląsk created by Stalin?!
What does the Polish folk dance movement in America have to do with Stalin? According to the latest edition of
Cosmopolitan Review, the Moiseyev Ballet State Academic Dance Company was established in February 1937, with a mission to create a hybrid art form in which folklore is magnified and transformed for the concert stage; small folk ensembles of musicians are replaced by a symphony orchestra, peasant voices by well-trained operatic style sopranos and tenors, and simple folk steps modified into complex stage routines. Perhaps there would have been nothing wrong with creating a new “folk art” to replace the old, even if done by political decree, if not for the context. Stalin decided it was time to supplant the traditional opera and ballet with folkloristic spectacles right before the Great Purge of 1937-1938, a period of intense repressions and mass murder.  Learn more about this interesting history here .
If you don’t care about the politics and only want to enjoy the amazing talent and spectacle of a performance, you still can buy tickets. Tickets to what has been described as “one of the grandest and most dazzling spectacles in the world” are still available. Śląsk’s 60th Anniversary Tour will celebrate the vivid and dynamic Silesian folk music and dance with more than 80 members in the ensemble and stunning, traditional costumes. For more info call 412-456-6666.

News from
Polonia Today
Buffalo Gears Up for Dyngus Day without Pussy Prince
Capitalizing on the unprecedented national and international television coverage Dyngus Day received following last year’s event, Buffalo organizers are busy preparing for what is expected to be the largest year in the festival’s history.
Dyngus Day, the annual post-Lenten bash where Poles celebrate spring, flirt with pussy willows and splash each other with water has become a huge event in Buffalo, NY with other locations now following suit (we have our own event now in Cleveland’sTremont neighborhood!).   Anderson Cooper, whose 70-second giggle fit about Buffalo’s Dyngus Day Festival on CNN caused a local and national controversy, had planned to attend this year’s event as part of his apology. He was to be crowned the first Pussy Willow Prince. He has told Dyngus Day Buffalo organizers that he will be unable to attend the 2013 festival due to a “scheduling conflict” with an appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes winning him the label "PartyPooperCooper."  Learn more.

News from Poland
Former Pope Benedict in JP II sainthood conflict?
Since all eyes are on the Vatican this week, we thought it might be of interest to know some back story... Italian media claim that former Pope Benedict XVI rejected pleas by
Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz to speed up the canonization process of Pope John Paul II. Although the former pontiff is understood to have rejected Cardinal Dziwisz's request on procedural, rather than meritocratic grounds, it obviously created some hard feelings. In the days following the abdication, Cardinal Dziwisz was widely cited commenting that Pope John Paul II “did not climb down from the cross.” Dziwisz later stressed that the point was taken out of context, but the drama continues. Learn more about this story and other stories in this week’s Polish Media Watch. 

Calendar Highlights
TODAY 6 PM Gorzkie żale (Lenten Lamentations) and PM Pierogi, St. Stanislaus Church... March 15 Panorama Gala Polish Mission Orchard Lake, MI... March 19 Śląsk Song & Dance Ensemble of Poland, Byham Theater, Pittsburgh… March 21 7PM free concert of new music by violin and piano duet from The Juilliard School at Sts Peter & Paul Church…  March 23 Ethnic Heritage Society Palm Weaving Workshop, Polish Cultural Center, Cleveland... March 24 Polska Kuchnia Easter bread... And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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