What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Polish Style Carnival Wrap Up
You know you have a great celebration when it takes us several
weeks to follow up and tell you about it!
It may have been a new location, but the spirit of fun and friendship was the same that brings guests back every year to Ostatki: A Polish Carnival Celebration. Hosts Katie Dodd and Phil & Sandy Reda made us feel right at home at The Magic Tree. They were even accommodating to the more than 40 folks who showed up that night without reservations to make the party more fun! We are especially grateful to our loyal sponsors Vesica Vodka and Zywiec Beer who made the tastings interesting and delicious. Read about it here

If that wasn’t enough celebrating, several of us headed to Cleveland to celebrate the installation of Fr. Eric Orzech at the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus in Slavic Village. We then had to see for ourselves the crazy fun that makes Kiedrowski’s Pączki Ball legendary. Read about it here

On Fat Tuesday--thanks to you –the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle raised more than $1000 with their pączki sale. The profits go toward their trip to perform at Disney in August, and Agi and the kids send a big dziękuję to their customers as well as to their business partners. Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery baked for us while selling more than around 72,000 pączki or 6,000 dozen to their hometown crowd!  Kravitz Delicatessen took a chance on the crazy idea of Pączki, Polkas and Piwo and had a great time and a great sales day; surpassed only by St. Patrick’s Day! And it wouldn’t have been the same without the toe-tapping tunes and familiar commentary of the duo of Diana & Larry Walk from Happy Polkaland. I think everyone who participated in any or all of these Karnawał events have already marked their calendars to enjoy them again next year! Read about it here

Lenten Observations
During the Lenten season in Poland, festivities are solemn and centered on a church weekly service called Gorzkie Zale (Lenten Lamentations). This ancient custom was started in the 1700s and is conducted with words and chants that retrace the passion and crucifixion of Christ. This unique conversation with Christ about his suffering is done to haunting melodies that will burn into your memory and stay with you throughout Lent and beyond. A sample of the words and melodies can be reviewed here. This tradition continues at St. Stanislaus Kostka where the service is sung by the renowned Polish Choir every Wednesday evening at 6 PM. Although in Polish, guidebooks provide a page-by page English translation of what is being said. I encourage you to attend at least once during these next several weeks.
Afterward, head downstairs and donate some time at PM Pierogi with St. Stan’s pierogi team. And of course, if you are observing meatless Fridays, enjoying tasty pierogi will certainly make it less of a sacrifice. But preorder because it gets busy this time of year. Call 330-747-3024 for St. Stanislaus; 330-755-1316 for St. Joseph the Provider and 330-758-8333 for Krakus Polish Deli.

Polska Kuchnia gets you ready for Easter
If you feel a little too intimidated to pinch with the pierogi experts, then join us to get some practice. Our Chef Tad has two offerings this month—both brought back by popular demand! On Sunday, March 10 you can take pierogi making lessons and on Sunday, March 24 you can learn the yeasty art of babka/paska aka Easter bread. Each class costs only $25 per person and requires pre-registration. Space is limited. There’s more information here or call Tad at 330-427-2752. 

Sląsk coming to Pittsburgh
Called Poland's National Dance Company, Śląsk performance has been described as one of the grandest and most dazzling spectacles in the world! Their 60th Anniversary Tour will celebrate the vivid and dynamic Silesian folk music and dance with more than 80-members in the ensemble and stunning, traditional costumes. Those of you who saw the choir perform at the Shrine dedication last October know that it was just enough to whet your appetite for a taste of a full show. We have the opportunity to get a group discounted ticket price of $25-$42 if we book this week. Let us know if you are interested by emailing by Friday at noon. If you want to call Byham Theater direct, call 412-456-6666.

Polish Happy Hour goes Croat AND on Wednesday
In the spirit of fellowship—and famous Lenten fish dinners--our fellow Slavs at St George Croatian Center on Vestal Road are welcoming us in to check out their club. And although our Polish Happy Hour is traditionally the second Thursday of the month, we're going to try to be a little more flexible in coming months to experience new things and accommodate our hosts. We are heading there on Wednesday, March 13 at 5-9 (but their kitchen closes at 7:30 so try to get there early to eat.) Skeptical? Ask the folks that went to Saxon Club what a good time they had!

Film screening, classes hard while homeless
We’ve got the films...we’ve got PYtown Trustee YSU professor Ewelina Boczkowska ready to do the analysis of the
Decalogue. What we don’t have is a place to show the series, having been turned down by the Diocese and our area churches because it is not an official Catholic film. You’ll remember that this critically acclaimed series of one-hour films are directed by Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski. It consists of 10 one-hour films, inspired by the Ten Commandments. Each short film explores one or several moral or ethical issues faced by characters living in modern Poland and is based on the Ten Commandments. We are going to select two and show them on Friday evening, March 8 to get a taste. If you are interested, email us for details.
We haven’t forgotten that we’ve offered you classes on language and history. The PYTown Board of Trustees and Volunteer Team continue to struggling with dependable locations at which to hold these events. We are in discussions with two new locations but don’t want to stop and start. We will keep you posted!  Still, homelessness is hard…

News from
Polonia Today
Los Angeles Columnist calls Pułaski Day “meaningless”
The Los Angeles Daily News columnist Al Martinez recently went on an anti-Valentine’s Day tirade that led to him calling for the elimination of all holidays he felt were “
meaningless” and this list included Pułaski Day. Now we recognize this is a holiday observed only in certain states. However, a day honoring the memory of Polish-born General Casimir Pułaski who volunteered his services to George Washington’s Continental Army, created the U.S. Cavalry and died in battle for the cause of American freedom is not pointless. It prompted a contrary opinion and response from Frank Milewski, chairman of the anti-defamation arm of the national Polish American Congress to write to the author and point out the reasons for its retention. Sto Lat Pan Milewski!

News from Poland
The Youngstown Incubator may need a Polish Office?
Qualified employees, high quality of provided services, innovativeness, dynamic growth, and economic competitiveness are all reasons the Polish Ministry of Economy has decided the time is right to promote its Tech industries. Poland’s scientists and engineers have made a name for themselves worldwide in recent years in the fields of consumer electronics, production of custom software, electronic games, as well as mobile solutions. The government is getting behind them now by changing the laws for investment and ownership to encourage foreign involvement.  In fact, Poland is increasingly improving as a perfect spot for localization of research and development centers, as well as software development startups. Learn more about this in our video of the month and other stories in this week’s Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
March 10 10:30 am Polish Arts Memorial mass, Sts Peter & Paul... 11 AM Polska Kuchnia pierogi class… March 15 Panorama Gala Polish Mission, Orchard Lake, MI... March 15 Fish Dinner, St. Stans, 4-7 pm, $9 in advance... March 16 YSU Family history workshops... March 19 Śląsk Song & Dance Ensemble of Poland, Byham Theater, Pittsburgh... March 23 Palm Weaving Workshop, Polish Cultural Center, Cleveland... March 24 Polska Kuchnia Easter bread…And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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