What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Polish Happy Hour will offer holiday fun
We’ve done the formal, reflective gathering at Wigilia. Now let’s have some real fun! Join us for a relaxing, Christmas party at Polish Happy Hour on Thursday, December 13 from 5:30 – 9 PM in the Grille Room at The Youngstown Club. In addition to all the Polish beer and vodka specials, we are adding some new things to keep it fresh and fun! You’ve heard of a White Elephant gift exchange right? But you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced our Dziki Mikolaj! Agi didn’t call it Wild Santa for nothing! It looks to be a fun, interactive gift exchange so, if you want to play, bring a wrapped $10 item of any type to throw into the mix. PolishYoungstown will up the ante by adding our t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses and pierogi items!

Give a little Polish in your gifts
PYTown shirts and other items available at Happy Hour this week

Every year right before Christmas my phone starts ringing from folks looking for a little something to give to their Polish grandpa or uncle. We are thrilled to provide!  Stuff the stocking with shot glasses and pierogi magnets. Send your brother in San Diego a “Polish Pride, Polish Youngstown” t-shirt. And your aunt would love a copy of the Black Madonna CD and prayer card! We’ve got this and much more!

Make time to be charitable, too
More than 1500 of you join us to polka and party at Polish Day. Let’s show the Mahoning Valley community that we do more than party by turning out to support our two community service projects this month. On Friday, December 14 we will be serving as wrapping elves at Barnes & Noble at the Shops at Boardman Park from 9 AM – 10 PM. Later that day, Krakowiaki is leading a caroling group at the Greenbrier senior facilities from 6-9 PM. Song books will be used and many English-language carols are performed. It is the season for giving…why not chose these opportunities to join with your Polish friends to give of your time to the community? Call Marianne 330-272-2210 to sign up!

A historical perspective
YSU professors from our Board of Trustees have offered to teach a Polish history class in Winter 2013. Did you know that the culture of the nobility flourished in Poland in the 15th-17th centuries and continues to influence the mentality of Poles? Ever heard of the Jagiellonian Dynasty?  Our people have an amazing history that was not taught to us as our immigrant parents and grandparents focused on assimilating to America. If you would be interested in a 6-week, non-credit class that is entertaining and informational, let us know

Captured on film
Inspired by the above, another YSU prof/PYTown Trustee would like to do a film series for you. The history of cinema in Poland is almost as long as the history of cinematography. From 1955 onwards, the works of directors of the so-called Polish Film School had a great influence on the contemporary trends. After World War II, despite censorship, filmmakers like Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda, Andrzej Żuławski had a huge impact, particularly on cinematography. A large number of Polish film directors (e.g., Agnieszka Holland and Janusz Kamiński) have worked in American studios. Interested? Let us know

Polonia News from around America
Body art part of NYC exhibit
If your holiday plans include a trip to NYC (and don’t we all wish that applied to us!), make time to visit the Museum of Modern Art to enjoy the exhibit of Polish artist Alina Szapocznikow: “Sculpture undone, 1955-1972.”  A tasty leftover of U.S.-Poland Business Week this fall, the postwar artist is described as having “radically reconceptualized sculpture” and “leaving behind legacy of provocative objects that evoke Surrealism, Nouveau Réalisme, and Pop art.” The exhibit features more than 100 works – including sculpture, drawings and photos- and is on display until Jan. 28, 2013 in MOMA’s Special Exhibitions Gallery. LEARN MORE about the artist and the exhibit here

White House rejects call for international investigation into Smolensk
After all the stories we have run lately about botched up identifications, we were disappointed to hear this news this week. Responding to a petition delivered to President Obama signed by 30,000 people, demanding an international investigation into the tragedy on 10 April 2010, the White House said no thanks. “In conducting their investigations, Poland and Russia agreed to follow the protocols of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, which establishes the standards and recommended practices for civil aviation accident investigations,” the spokesman said. One of many disappointments this administration has dealt to the Polish people.

News from Poland
Polish church defends 'baby boxes' after UN calls for ban
A top bishop has said so called 'baby boxes', or in Poland, 'windows of life', where mothers can give up unwanted newborns, are part of Poland's “culture, tradition and conscience”.. Learn more about this and other stories in this week’s Polish Media Watch.

Silly Holiday note
Numerous times this holiday season folks have mentioned to me in conversation or referenced in email singer Bobby Vinton’s holiday tune “Santa Must Be Polish.” The song was released in 1987 and has become a favorite since it is sung primarily in English except for the holiday greeting Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. When I received an animated version today I thought I just had to share it with you! Check it out here

Calendar Highlights
Thursday, Dec. 13 5:30-9 PM Polish Happy Hour Christmas Party with Dziki Mikolaj at the Youngstown Club…Friday, Dec 14 9 AM – 10 PM PYTown serving as Santa Elves at Barnes & Noble located at the Shops at Boardman Park...6–8 PM Krakowiaki Caroling at The Greenbrier Senior Complex… The all-Polish episode of The Casey Malone Show replays at noon on Saturday Dec. 29 on WFMJ and 7 am on Sunday Dec. 30 on WBCB….And even if you don’t want us to change the newsletter format, don’t  forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Do Zobaczenia!
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