What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Send date: 2012-12-10 09:11:40
Issue #: 188

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Don’t let tech issues hold you back!

Our newsletter was ready to hit your inbox last Thursday but our tech fell apart. Unfortunately sometimes that kind of thing can’t be helped. We know that you have gotten used to this newsletter as being a source and if we don’t share the info you won’t know. But there is something YOU can do to get the info on the latest happenings... like us on Facebook. (and Simply Slavic, too, while you are at it!) This has become a quick way for us to reach out to folks even as a fun event is happening—like this past weekend’s jamming party at Kuzmann’s--and let you know you should drop everything and join in the fun! Join us today!

The full, current newsletter is up on our home page.

Here are some of the highlights...
Ø  Simply Slavic's annual winter fundraiser, Half Way to Simply Slavic
Ø  Preview of the all-Polish episode of The Casey Malone Show. Fear not, Casey is rerunning it for us at the end of the month so set you DVRs for Dec 22 & 23.
Ø  Polish Arts Club Wigilia
Ø  Polish Happy Hour at Ytown Club with Dziki Mikolaj!
Ø  Opportunity for wrapping elves at Barnes & Noble and carolers at The Greenbrier
Ø  Sękacz cakes available at Krakus Deli
Ø  Gift ideas to add some Polish to your presents
Ø  A historical perspective We’ve been approached to offer a Polish history class in Winter 2013.
Ø  Sto Lat to the parishioners of Holy Rosary Parish in Baltimore
Ø  U.S. Air Force Detachment in Poland Presents a Strategic Opportunity

Perfer this format? In the era of smartphones, I know many people review their email on their phone and are having trouble with all the photos and images of the newsletter. Was wondering if we should switch to this style format in 2013.
What do you think?

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