What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Learning Yiddish Culture is Learning about Poland
“Marek Tuszewicki is doing doctoral work at the Institute of Jewish Studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, teaches Yiddish at the Krakow JCC, and leads a club that brings together those who like to sing Chasidic songs and read Yiddish literature. He also co-founded a Jewish literature and art quarterly called Cwiszn and publishes articles and poems in Yiddish. There’s just one thing: Tuszewicki is not himself Jewish.”  MORE
So it seems that once again we in Ytown are trendy with what is happening in Poland!  Many Poles have begun to look at Polish Jewish history as part of their own cultural heritage -- something to be appreciated and remembered, not cast aside. For this reason (and just because it was soo fun) Polish Happy Hour Youngstown is once again this year hosting
Klezmerklatch: A Celebration of Yiddish Life in Old Poland. It will take place on Thursday, Nov. 8 5:30- 9 PM Kravitz’s Deli, Belmont Ave., Liberty. To keep with the theme, we have tasty food, beer, and as a special treat, live music lecture-performance by internationally renowned Cleveland-based accordionist and vocalist  Walt Mahovlich and Beata Begeniova.  You know we like to educate you while we entertain you, but this month sets the bar at a new height even for us!  Don’t miss it!

The CDs have arrived!
The damage from Hurricane Sandy is clearing up and people are getting back to work. That includes the manufacturers of the Shrine Tribute CD. To commemorate the dedication and benefit the shrine, area choirs created this album. Most special is the product of the public communal sing, the signature song, Czarna Madonna, to honor the Blessed Mother. Copies are available for $15 and can be picked up at the Cathedral rectory between 12-3 PM. For more information, call (330) 744-5233. Stay tuned for information on digital downloading!

Holiday baking 101 SOLD OUT
After splitting the class and squeezing two rounds of lessons into one day, Polska Kuchnia regrets to announce that it is at the waiting list stage for its latest offering in its cooking education series: makowiec or, as it is universally known in Youngstown, kolachi.  However, if interested, Tad asks that you call so that he can see if it is worthwhile to put another class together on a different day. Yummy! Can’t wait to taste the end products. Call (330) 427-2752 to register. MORE

Make your own Krakow crèche
The Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle has its annual winter folk art workshop scheduled for Sunday, November 18th 1-5 PM. Lawrence Kozlowski is scheduled to come to town and teach us something new this year--how your family can make its own
szopka krakowska. A Christmas tradition dating back to the 19th century, these unusual crèches feature the use of historical buildings of Kraków as backdrop for the Nativity of Jesus. Kozlowski assures it doesn’t take extraordinary skill or more than the afternoon to complete. Learn more about these exquisite items here. Advanced reservations are recommended to guarantee to get the materials. $25 per unit, not person. For more info, call (330) 550-0134.

Yummy Holiday Treat Sale begins
The Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle is holding its annual sale of sękacz cakes for your holiday enjoyment. The good news is we have managed to find a supplier domestically so no worries about running out before you get your order! You’ll remember this incredible, extra rich pound cake from Podlasie region is distinctive in both taste and shape. The thick batter contains more than 40 eggs making it luscious and long lasting. It is recognizable for its pine tree shape, obtained being made by ladling batter systematically onto a rotary spit over or above a very hot wood-burning fire for 10 hours. Check out the video of how it is made here. The sale will run November 8 until December 3.  We also will have a cake for sampling at PHH and Wigilia. Call (330) 746-8900 to learn more about it and how to order.

Who says Poles can’t fight...
Youngstown is a boxing town, and it’s been a little quiet for us since our contender moved out west. So if you need to get a taste of the ring AND want to feel a little Polish Pride in the process, tune in this weekend, Sat. Nov 10, when Mariusz Wach is fighting Wladimir Klitshcko for the heavyweight title in Hamburg, Germany. Known as The Viking, Wach is undefeated, having won 27 fights--15 by knock out.  If we had our own club, you know we’d have a fun night watchin’ there. But since we don’t, dial up HBO.  

Pulaski’s Role Recognized by SAR
The newest Ohio historical marker recognized American Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pułaski. Sponsored by the NW Territory Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, the marker was dedicated last month with much pomp and circumstance. We learned of the story from our friends at The Post Eagle who sent us the pic. You can read more about it here

News from Poland
Explosives reported then denied on wreckage of president's plane
Two and a half years after the disaster, the personal, political and international conflicts surrounding the death of President Kaczynski and 96 others continue to flare up. The latest issues started when the Rzeczpospolita newspaper  reported that a Polish forensic team in Moscow had detected readings of chemicals that could be included in TNT and nitroglycerine.  They later rescinded the accusatory report noting that those chemicals are part of the makeup of many other products as well. However, the leader of the Law and Justice (PiS) opposition party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski – twin brother of the late president – tied the news into the suicide that week of 43 year-old Remigiusz Muś, a flight engineer in the cockpit of the YAK 40 aircraft, which landed one hour before President Kaczynski's plane crashed near the military airfield in western Russia. The flight engineer testified in the Smolensk inquiry and, Kaczynski claims that evidence was significant in the manner of his death.  Don’t think we are going to have real answers in this generation. Learn more about this and other stories in this week’s Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Thursday November 16 Polish Cultural  Council presents the five exceptional Polish Films as part of the 31st Three Rivers Film Festival... November 8 5:30-9 Klezmerklatch Polish Happy Hour with Band at Kravitz in Liberty... sękacz cakes sale begins... November 10 Christmas kolbasz sales begins at Holy Apostles parish $4.25 lb (330) 793.1390… November 11 12-5  Pittsburgh Polishfest, University Of Pittsburgh, Cathedral Of Learning... December 2 The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown annual Wigilia Dinner. For tickets call (330-) 272-2210

If you need to lighten up after yesterday’s big election, perhaps some Political Polish jokes will help!

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