What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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“You'll find quiet in her arms and you'll find shelter from the evil,
'Cause she has a tender heart for all of her children.”
--Czarna Madonna

This verse from the signature hymn basically sums up the feelings expressed via and phone and email this morning after yesterday’s dedication ceremony of the Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa last night. Bishop George Murry, assisted by a number of regional priests, presided over a beautiful  ceremony complimented by the heartfelt performances of St. Casimir and St. Stanislaus and St. Columba choirs.  I wish I had taped the Bishop’s faith inspiring homily as he spoke about Mary being “a window for us to heaven.”  The dinner that followed was full of delicious food and fellowship. My new favorite “cultural evangelist” has to be Rev. Eric Orzech, of the Polish American Priests Association and the Shrine Church of StStanislaus . Fr. Orzech gave a compelling talk about the role of the Black Madonna in Poland’s history but took it to the next level... asking us as Polonia to recognize Her interest in comforting us and guiding us today. He reminded us that the privilege of having a shrine is ineffective if we don’t take advantage of having one by frequenting it.  And what can I say about performance by Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble? With the majesty of the cathedral as the backdrop, the orchestra and choir awed all in attendance with their talent. And as an advantage of not being in a theatre, we were able to enjoy a talk that took us “behind the scenes” with the group and even offered some time for pictures and conversation afterward.
Thank you to everyone involved . It was a memorable experience for all of us.  View photos here.

Learning Yiddish Culture is Learning about Poland
Last year when we hosted our first Klezmerklatch, it was considered odd. Since the 20th Century, there has sometimes been tension between the Polish and Jewish communities over our ancestors’ role in the Holocaust. But it turns out that we were right in tune with what is happening in Poland!  Many Poles have begun to look at Polish Jewish history as part of their own cultural heritage -- something to be appreciated and remembered, not cast aside. Learn more here
For this reason (and just because it was soo fun) Polish Happy Hour Youngstown is once again this year hosting
Klezmerklatch: A Celebration of Yiddish Life in Old Poland. It will take place on Thursday, Nov. 8 5:30- 9 PM Kravitz’s Deli, Belmont Ave., Liberty. To keep with the theme, we have tasty food, beer and as a special treat live music and lecture-performance by internationally renowned Cleveland-based accordionist and vocalist  Walt Mahovlich and Beata Begeniova.  You know we like to educate you while we entertain you, but this month sets the bar at a new height even for us!  Don’t miss it!

Holiday baking 101
Polska Kuchnia is excited to announce the latest offering in its cooking education series: makowiec or as it is universally known in Youngstown, kolachi.  You’ll get your hands in the dough and take home your own tasty, freshly made roll! Thanks to this recipe, coaching and tips, you’ll have the family wondering where you've been hiding this secret talent! Bring your own mixing bowl and apron. Join us Sunday, November 11 at 1 PM. Cost is $25 per person, pre-registered. Space is limited. Call (330) 427-2752 to register. MORE

Make your own Krakow crèche
The Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle has its annual winter folk art workshop scheduled for Sunday, November 18th 1-5 PM. Lawrence Kozlowski is scheduled to come to town and teach us something new this year—how your family can make its own szopka krakowska. A Christmas tradition dating back to the 19th century, these unusual crèches feature the use of historical buildings of Kraków as backdrop for the Nativity of Jesus. Kozlowski assures it doesn’t take extraordinary skill or more than the afternoon to complete. Learn more about these exquisite items here. Advanced reservations are recommended to guarantee the materials. $25 per unit, not person. For more info call 330-550-0134.

Shipping to Polish Relatives?
It may be easier now to pick up the phone and call your cousin in Zakopane, but shipping hasn’t improved all that much. It still takes time. So there is not much time to prepare and send items with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. It is recommended you use the following as your guides: November 1  - for sea packages; November 14  - for air packages and December 12 - for catalog packages.

News from Poland
Poland enjoying a “brain gain” from experienced returnees
The Polish emigration took human capital abroad for decades because, under the Soviets, many tourists didn’t return home. When Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and folks had freedom to travel, migration exploded. This marked the first generation of legal mobility, and educated youth left in staggering numbers...some say 2 million departures may be in the ballpark. Now Poland’s relatively booming economy has migrants returning and they are influencing traditionally provincial Poland in approach and attitude. MORE
Keeping up with the story of misidentified bodies from the Smolensk crash... more of the 96 prominent victims who died in the April 2010 air disaster have been exhumed. On every account, the victim was found to have been laid to rest in wrong graves. Military prosecutors say this effort will continue through year’s end. Learn more about this and other stories in this week’s Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Nov 2-16 Polish Cultural  Council presents the five exceptional Polish Films as part of the 31st Three Rivers Film FestivalNovember 8 5:30-9PM Klezmerklatch Polish Happy Hour with Band at Kravitz in Liberty... sękacz cakes sale begins... Nov 10 Polish fighter Mariusz Wach battles for the Heavyweight title... November 11 Polska Kuchnia makowiec (aka kolachi) class... November 18 1-5 PM the Krakowiaki has its winter folk art workshop... December 3 The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown annual Wigilia Dinner

Happy Halloween...learn about the Polish Style

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