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Show the Kids a whole other
Nick at Night

Polish Renaissance scientist Mikołaj Kopernik (1473-1543) established the basis for modern astronomy. Better known by his Latin name of Nicolas Copernicus, he formulated the heliocentric theory of the solar system. Kopernik asserted the theory that the sun was the center of the solar system and that the earth rotated on its axis, revolving about the sun. Up to that time it was considered both scientific fact and Catholic Church truth that the earth was the center of the universe. Since the idea could not be proven until Galileo later used a telescope to study the heavens, his work was received with great opposition. Share the story and science of this great Pole with the children in your life by taking them to Oh Wow! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology TODAY, October 25 4:30 PM. Hosted by the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle, Curious about Copernicus will take elementary school students through fun, hands-on activities to learn about the astronomer and his theories. MORE

ACPC Visit Entertaining, Success
The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown was delighted to host the Fall Board Meeting of the American Council for Polish Culture this past weekend. This group is the PAC’s umbrella group of sorts, made up of people creating and hosting cultural events like they do all over the nation. For their visit, we celebrated the work and efforts of our Polish immigrant forefathers as the theme. To kick it off, they enjoyed a Taste of the Valley Reception that included some Brier Hill pizza, wine flights from L'uva Bella and scoops of Handel’s Ice Cream. After their meetings the next day, we exhausted them with the Polish in Youngstown Tour…Peterson Park, St. Stanislaus Church, Millcreek Park, the Steel Museum, the Cathedral and downtown for dinner and tour of Powers Auditorium. The Steel Museum included an interesting talk by William Lawson, Director of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society on the immigration trends of our ancestors.

Dedication celebration upon us
After much preparation, the big event is almost here. Festivities begin this weekend as St. Stanislaus Kostka Church celebrates the Departure Mass on Sunday, October 28 at 10:30 AM. In the spirit of the annual pilgrimage to Jasna Gora Shrine in Częstochowa, Poland, following mass with performance by the Polish Choir at St. Stanislaus, parishioners and other interested participants will drive in procession to carry the mosaic to St. Columba Cathedral. Upon arrival, all will be welcomed with ceremony and prayer. The mosaic then will be placed on display near the high altar for devotion and prayer until the dedication. Fellowship in hall to follow. On Tuesday, October 30 will be the Dedication Mass and Celebration at St. Columba Cathedral 

5 PM Prelude performance by Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble as well as regional choirs.  Mass will begin at 5:30 PM with the Most Reverend George V. Murry presiding. A celebratory reception will follow with a talk by Rev. Eric Orzech, of the Polish American Priests Association and the Shrine Church of StStanislaus. It also will include an extended performance by Śląsk and a cash bar. As a reminder, complimentary dinner reservations are still available, but there can be no admittance at the door without a reservation due to food arrangements. Call 330-744-5233.

Śląsk concert in Cleveland
If you want to enjoy even more fabulous Polish folk song and dance,
Śląsk will be in concert on Monday, October 29 at 7 PM at Garfield Heights High School. The Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle has tickets available for a discounted rate of $30 per ticket. If interested call Bernedette Zubel at 440-842-1592. If you would like to go but don’t want to make the drive alone, let me know and maybe we can rideshare!

Veteran’s Day Scholarship Opportunity
In honor of Veteran’s Day and the men and women who have served our country, the Polish American Journal is giving more than $1000 in cash and prizes to high school students who submit an essay on the topic: “Why I Think the United States Postal Service Should Issue a Stamp Commemorating Lt. Col. Matthew Urban.” Who is that? Described by some as the "Greatest Soldier in American History,” Urban is a Polish American who received 28 decorations for his service in WWII and the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1980. Learn more about him here. Deadline for submissions is Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2012. Winners will be notified by January 1, 2013. For more info, call (800) 422-1275 or go to polamjournal.com.

Make your own Krakow creche

The Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle has its annual winter folk art workshop scheduled for Sunday, November 18th 1-5 PM. Lawrence Kozlowski is scheduled to come to town and teach us something new this year—make your own szopka krakowska. A Christmas tradition dating back to the 19th century, these unusual crèches feature the use of historical buildings of Kraków as backdrop for the Nativity of Jesus. However, recognizing there is a cost associated with materials and time involved of about $25 per unit, the group is requesting advanced registration of 10 people in order to proceed. Kozlowski assures it doesn’t take extraordinary skill or more than the afternoon to complete. Learn more about these exquisite items here. Let us know if you are interested by emailing or calling 330-550-0134.

Not happening without you
We have been approached to bring back the fun event Kulig, a Winter Celebration this January. We would love to do so!! That event was spectacular…like playing in a snow globe. However, this event takes more hands than ours to make it happen. You have been great about helping with Polish Day, so if you want to do this one, let us hear from you. We will need 20 people of varying degrees of skill and talents to sign up here by October 31. Review the pics to remind yourself why it’s worth redoing!

News from Poland
Katowice, a Former Mining Town Goes Green
I couldn’t resist sharing the story of Katowice’s transition from dirty-industrial to park-like and green. In the 1970s, my father and others from Youngstown’s Prout Boiler, Heating and Welding traveled to this city in Silesia in southern Poland to build that nation’s first commercial cooling storage units. That summer, my whole family traveled to Poland to visit Daddy and meet the relatives. I was too young to notice if the city was particularly dirty (but what was Ytown in the ‘70s?), but that certainly was its reputation. But now it is changing as soot-covered buildings are replaced with new, green construction sites and park areas. Maybe even PYTown Founder Darek Chmoczyk might find his hometown unrecognizable these days... MORE
So I said I don’t normally share two stories here, but while reading the Polish Media Watch report I saw a link to “The Other Dream Team,” a movie about our neighbors in Lithuania. Since one of the news stories talked about how we seem to ignore our neighbor, I thought it was worth sharing. Check out the trailer as our featured video here and the story that prompted it in Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
TODAY October 25th Ethnic Heritage Society's Third Annual Awards Banquet Info call 330-726-8277... November 8th 5:30-9 Klezmerklatch Polish Happy Hour with Walt Mahovlich of Harmonia at Kravitz in Liberty... November 11 Polska Kuchnia makowiec (aka kolachi) class... November 18th 1-5 PM the Krakowiaki has its winter folk art workshop... sękacz cakes sale begins... December 3 The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown annual Wigilia Dinner

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