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It was the beginning of something big! A few of us got together and thought we would adopt and tweak the national model of Polish Happy Hour started in Washington, DC. It had been a while since Polonia had a place to gather or even a reason and we thought it might be fun. Some cocktails, some food and music were the norm…we added door prizes, raffles, merchandise and a seasonal educational talk as a chance to share information on different Polish traditions. Our first event at Imbibe lead to a similar gathering every month since—some big like Sobotka & Kulig, some intimate like our winery trip last month. It was here we enjoyed funky cocktails with silly names, sang along to Honky Rocky & The Jammers and got a chance to connect with our old friends. It was your enthusiasm for these events that lead us to create other programming like Ostatki and its Vodka Cocktail Competition, Polish Language & Culture Lessons and, most recently, Polska Kuchnia. Looking back, we think it was worth the risk! Join us to celebrate these efforts on Thursday, October 11  5:30 – 9 PM PolishYoungstown 4th Birthday Party & PHH at Vintage Estate, Boardman, OH. We will try to offer your PHH favorites plus a slide show, trivia games and even a door prize! Join us to delight in old memories and make some new ones!

Sweet Sounds of Music
Wow! I can's say enough about how moving it was to participate in the communal sing tonight at St. Columba Cathedral last week. Local cantors, choir directors and soloists combined with little Babcias with canes who climbed that more than 60 steps to be part of it all. Not only did I get to sing with some very talented people, but the genuine joy of the entire Madonna project was was actually tangible and moving. Thanks to all who made it happen. Conceptualized to be in the spirit of “We Are the World”, this charity single will be included on the Shrine Tribute CD, but the only one to be released as a single. The complete 13-track album is on its way to the producers. It should be here and available for purchase at the dedication on October 30. All profits from its sale will go to support the shrine. Can't wait to hear it!

Answering Questions about Kopernik
As part of our Polish American Heritage Month activities this month, PYTown is collaborating with the Ward Beecher Planetarium at YSU to give you the chance to learn a little more about Poland’s most famous stargazer. Copernicus & The Universe will be part of each of the scheduled shows this Saturday, October 13 at 1, 2:30 and 8 PM.  This information will be in addition to the exciting programs already taking place that day: for children in the afternoon the Pluto-oriented “Case of the Disappearing Planet and the constellation-focused “Cosmic Castaways” for adults in the evening. Learn how Copernicus and his seven axioms regarding geocentric and heliocentric orbits affected the study of astronomy. MORE

Or Learning about Modern Polonia
There have been numerous Poles of distinction who have made great contributions to North American society, too. From Brzezinski to Steve Wozniak, there are many people with great stories to tell. Come learn about them on Sunday, October 14 at 1 PM when the Polish Arts Club of Youngstown hosts Edward Zawadzki, Canadian broadcaster and author of the book The Poles in the New World for a talk and book signing at Our Lady of Hungary hall on N. Belle Vista. The book highlights the lives and contributions of 50 of our continents most notable Poles. Then stay around and learn more about the Polish Arts Club at their meeting that follows.

To warm you from the inside out
There is a chill in the air and there is nothing better for that than vodka! So join us for our newest class to learn how to make it taste even better at Polska Kuchnia on Sunday, Oct 14th at 5:00 PM at Our Lady of Hungary hall.  It promises to be very informative and, when there's alcohol around, a little fun, too. Tom Kusiowski , our skilled instructor, will provide the infusions and flavorings for your BYOB vodka.  We'll also have some bottles so that you can make a few different flavorings to take home with you. To get the best infusions you need a quality vodka…instructor's recommendations: potato vodka or one that had been distilled at least three times.  Reasonably priced vodkas that fit the bill are Sobieski and Luksosowa.  Of course, if you should have a bottle of spiritus, then you've struck gold! As always, preregistration is required and class will be $25.00. To do so, call Tad at 330-427-2752 or email Tad@polishyoungstown.org.

News from Poland
Smolensk  Accident Tragedy continues; mismatched bodies exhumed
Relatives of the victims of the plane crash that killed Poland’s president and 95 others in 2010 are facing the possibility that they buried strangers instead of loved ones. The admission by Polish prosecutors that the remains of one victim, Anna Walentynowicz, were confused with those of another have raised questions about whether other such mistakes were made - an event which traumatized the nation and still complicates relations with Poland's neighbor Russia. Prosecutors have so far ordered that the remains of four victims should be exhumed to check if they are indeed the people their relatives thought they buried. Learn more about this story and others in Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
October 18  7 - 9 PM Book Discussion:  Water for Elephants  by Sara Gruen In conjunction with the Delta Zeta Book Club at Barnes & Noble in Boardman... October 19-21 National Board Meeting of the American Council for Polish Culture, Youngstown, OH... October 20  Tailgate for the YSU football game CANCELLED... October 21 12 PM Annual Basket Auction, St. Stanislaus Kostka... October 25 4:30 PM   Curious About Copernicus Hosted by the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle at the Oh Wow! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology
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