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 Summer Fun with a Polish Touch
First Poles in Jamestown
July 2012
by Peter J. Obst

Visiting the historical village of Williamsburg in Virginia can now be a chance to teach your family about their Polish heritage too. This summer the
American Council for Polish Culture dedicated a historical marker there to make known to more visitors that Jamestown is the location of the opening chapter of Polish-American history.

 The first Poles in America arrived at Jamestown on the English ship Mary and Margaret in 1608. These men were recruited by the Virginia Company of London to work in establishing some early manufacturing at the colony: wood shingles, turpentine, naval stores (tar and pitch), soapashes (potash) and glass. The industriousness and hospitality of the Poles were already well known to Capt. John Smith, the colony's commandant, whose travels through Europe took him into the lands of the old Commonwealth. More Poles arrived on subsequent ships. However, these workers were not recognized as full members of the community. So in 1619 when they were denied participation in the first Virginia assembly, the Polish settlers they had staged a "work stoppage"—probably the first labor strike in America. This labor walkout, was not for wages or better working conditions, but for democratic rights. It was effective! Their value to the colony was recognized and it was written in the record of the Virginia Company of London that these men shall be enfranchised and made as free as any inhabitant whatsoever.  

Read more of his story here and Share your Polish summer storyhere 

It’s going to be a great weekend!
The excitement around this year’s activities keeps growing! More than 30 businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy Friday Polish Lunch at their desk.  Volunteers will be cooking, packing and delivering tomorrow morning to make that happen. (If you want to help, let us know!) Saturday’s Zabawa looks to be a very popular and fun event…4 LIVE BANDS (Opening with The Polka Pirates, then Chardon Polka Band from 8:40-10 PM) plus the All-You-Can-Eat Pierogi Buffet (rumor has it you better come early to partake) and our hilarious 3rd Annual Pierogi Eating Contest! This proves to be more fun than ever this year with a NO HANDS requirement and even better shirts and prizes! What a great addition to a fun weekend! And then the big event is Sunday! We’ve added more vendors, more folk dancers and more bars and food stations.
 It just goes to prove that once again this year Youngstown saves the best festival for last!

Polish Day on the air
I hope you have been seeing and hearing about us on radio and television. We took the opportunity while talking with Stan Bony on Ch. 33 to explain the photo booth concept that you can participate in on Sunday. This picture is one of the scenes where you can place to where you and your family can be transported!  On WFMJ Today we explained our relationship with O’Donold’s and announced our Beer Tasting geared to the brew that Rust Belt Brewery wants to work on this fall. Today we moved all of our kid’s games, new t-shirts, glassware and signage over to the plaza. This year’s kids’ section will really be exceptional with coloring, face painting, games and a bounce around! There is seriously so much happening we feel like we can’t get the info to you fast enough!  The weather looks to be working in our favor!   I hope you are planning to join us to make it really special.

We’re not the only ones who like Vesica
Adamba Importers could start to just have a reserved spot in this publication because it gets so many awards! This week it’s CONSUMER NATIONAL REVIEW, a national news & lifestyle publication with more than 6.5 million readers. This time Vesica has been chosen as one of the 5 up and Coming Vodkas. It showcases Vesica for its slick packaging, potato & gluten free flavors, mixability and its tremendous price. MORE

Recycling Polish Parishes
While working on another story, my husband came across this interesting website that talks about the reuse potential of already phased out parishes in neighboring Pittsburgh. Called Eye on Heritage, the site’s mission it so take us viewers inside these deserted facilities in an effort to interest investors and organizations in using them. “We understand that when a congregation cannot maintain a sacred place, it may be time for them to entrust the heritage building to a new sympathetic and creative caretaker,” the site authors explain noting that this often means that the new owner will make the building come alive again for the neighborhood. We have a “strong interest in historic preservation and restoration of worthy buildings our ancestors have built with their nickels, dimes, and quarters.” Perhaps someone could try this in Youngstown...worth checking out!

News from Poland
Church leaders attempt to begin healing relationships between Poland, Russia
After three years in the works, a joint statement emerged last week from leaders of the national churches in Russian and Poland urging the people of both nations to “put their historical animosities, disputes and misunderstandings behind them and enter into a dialogue that would overcome human fallibilities, egoism and political pressure and result in reconciliation.”   Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and the Roman Catholic primate of Poland Archbishop Jozef Michalik issued the unprecedented joint statement during a ceremony at Wawel Castle during the Russian patriarch’s visit to Poland. Learn more about this story and others in Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
August 24 Polish Business Lunches... Gallery Talk at The Polish Mission about the Forbidden Art exhibit by Agnieszka Sieradzka, Art historian on staff at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum... August 25 Zabawa with all-you-can-eat pierogi and music by Polka Pirates and Chardon Polka Band... August 26 Polish Day 2012... September 23 Lawrence County Polish Day..., September 15 Gala National Accordion Concert, Fairmont, WV

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