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Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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 Summer Fun in Poland
Learning History Firsthand
Summer 2010
by D’Ella Heschmeyer  
When PolishYoungstown organized a tour to Poland I was 10 years old and got to go along because I was the same age my mother was when she first went. I am student at Akiva Academy so I thought I would tell you about some of the things we saw that relate to Poland’s Jewish history.

From the 14th Century until World War II, Poland had the largest number of Jewish people in the world. In the early 1900s, 80 percent of the world’s Jewish population lived there. In 1930, Warsaw was second only to New York City as the center of Jewish life. There was even a separate Jewish Parliament. The Holocaust changed all of that. Today, less than 25,000 live in Poland. When we went to Krakow, we got to go see the largest of the Nazi prison camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau. I thought I had already learned everything about this place since we study it every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day. But I was wrong. Being there was so much scarier...

Read more of her story
here and Share your Polish summer story

Start the weekend with a Polish lunch at your office
The excitement around this year’s activities keeps growing! During the past few weeks you may have come across our Pierogi Mascot roaming the streets and festivals handing out flyrs and coupons. This week you may have spotted little Sophie Heschmeyer downtown at lunchtime explaining the Friday Polish Lunch in her own 5-year-old fashion. She joined a group of others to blanket the Downtown with flyers and enthusiasm for our upcoming event. As a way of warming up your taste buds, you can order pierogi, stuffed cabbages, kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwiches and even a pączki donut to top it off!  All delivered hot and fresh to your desk on Friday! Sound tempting?  Order forms can be downloaded from the website and faxed to 330-792-1738 by Wednesday Aug 22.  For more information call 330-726-9992.
Add this to Zabawa on Saturday nite with 4 LIVE BANDS, All-You-Can-Eat Pierogi Buffet and our hilarious 3rd Annual Pierogi Eating Contest What a great addition to a fun weekend! And then the big event is Sunday! We’ve added more vendors, more folk dancers and more bars and food stations. It just goes to prove that once again this year Youngstown saves the best festival for last!

Polish Day on the air
Thanks to the generous support of O’Donold’s Irish Pub listen for a series of commercials that were launched this week on Clear Channel 570 AM during the talk shows and Indians games.   WFMJ also have a series of commercials playing on WFMJ & WBCB. Look for us also with Stan Bony on Ch 33 5:30 PM on Monday and WFMJ Today on Wednesday 22. We are hoping this effort—and your great word of mouth—will help share the good news about our fun event with a wider audience! Check out the radio commercial here and take it viral on your social media!

Volunteers needed for Polish Day Mass
One of my favorite parts of Polish Day is singing some of our favorite Polish hymns and enjoying Fr. Joseph Rudjak’s inspirational homily’s calling us to honor our heritage. But before we can enjoy the mass, there are some jobs that need to be filled: altar servers; readers; Eucharistic ministers; and ushers.  We are also looking for a basket of flowers for the alter. Will you help? This festival is representative of the Polish spirit in the Mahoning Valley and can l only happen if you can share some of your time, talents and treasure. PYTown’s Volunteer Coordinator Carol Baranski Papalas is waiting for your call. ACT NOW! The first 50 people get a FREE TSHIRT in addition to their FREE ADMISSION TICKET. Call (330) 652-7106 or sign up online here

We’re not the only ones who like Vesica
Adamba Importers adds yet another award to its shelf for its tasty, smooth Vesica Vodka: recognition in the recent edition of Cheers magazine.  Here, Vesica Vodka is featured as one of the ONLY Vodka’s to earn a 2nd consecutive “Rising Star” Growth Brand Award from The Beverage Information Group, one of the leading national trade authorities.  This award culminates a year of recognition as the crowning achievement for this brand. Sto Lat!

News from Poland
Warsaw prepares compensation project for pre-war landowners
Poland is the only country from the former Eastern bloc that has not carried out the process of reprivatisation, failing to resolve the issue in a legal framework. “This is a huge loss to the budget of Warsaw,” she said, noting the preponderance of claims, stressing that this year alone some 200 million zloty (about $60.1 million) will have to be paid out. On October 26, 1945, the so-called Bierut Decree or Warsaw Decree was passed that legalized the confiscation of plots of private land in the capital (stating also that compensation was applicable, although in practice this did not occur.) Learn more about this story and others in Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
August 24 Polish Business Lunches... August 25 Zabawa with all-you-can-eat pierogi and music by Polka Pirates and Chardon Polka Band... August 26 Polish Day 2012... September 23 Lawrence County Polish Day... September 15 Gala National Accordion Concert, Fairmont, WV

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