What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Summer Fun in Poland
Jagiellonian U Summer Study Abroad
Kraków 7/2004 by Angela Messenger

My only trip to Poland was now eight years ago. I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship from the American Council for Polish Culture to spend part of my summer studying at the Jagiellonian University. The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown further supported my travel with additional funds. While I was thrilled to embark on a nearly month-long journey, I was also quite intimidated to travel alone. The biggest issue was, despite having been a parishioner at St. Stanislaus Kostka all my life, the only Polish that I knew came from a blend of English and Polish courtesy of my grandmother who fondly called me “kapusta-head.” It should be no surprise that I was placed into the “survival” Polish language class, but I also elected to take a course on Polish literature and another on Polish history and culture, both of which were in English.
The American component of the summer study program was actually arranged by the Kosciuszko Foundation, which offers two scholarships per state. However, I foolishly failed to realize that the program was open to all countries. My beginning language class, from which I ultimately was honored as the best (of the worst) with a certificate, included students from England, Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Mexico, besides the U.S. Find out more here
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Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Eastwood Field in Niles was the site of “Mascot Mania” on Sunday, July 22 when the Mahoning Valley Scrappers took on the Jamestown Jammers. “Scrappy,” the mascot for the Scrappers baseball team, was joined by local mascots from the Mahoning Valley and by mascots who hailed from as far away as the Akron and Cleveland areas.  All braved the 96° heat in their costumes as they entertained the crowd before and during the game.

“Pani Pierogi” of PolishYoungstown, was frying in the heat!  Our usual pierogi person got a last minute call out to work, so Dave Barwick, a member of the Polish Arts Club, donned the costume.  His grandchildren, daughters and wife, Gloria watched from the picnic area with laughter and squeals of delight!   Our pierogi showed great style with special dance moves when the mascots were introduced during the first inning. “Pani Pierogi” signed many autographs and baseballs and gave a lot of high fives to the other mascots, game attendees and the many children crowded around the costumed Dave. A fun time was had by all who attended the game.  A very special thank you to Dave Barwick for “stepping up to the plate” when needed.  A big thank you also goes out to Matt Thompson and his team for planning this great event. The perfect ending to the evening was the winning score of 2 – 1.  Way to go, Scrappers!

Volunteer at Polish Day
If you enjoy great Polish food, basket raffles, great fun and really great Polish music, then you need to be a volunteer on Sunday, August 26 at our POLISH HERITAGE DAY at Austintown Plaza. The festivities start at noon and run through 8:00 p.m. Our festival will only happen if you can share some of your time and talents to help set up, take down and keep things moving smoothly in between. PYTown’s Volunteer Coordinator Carol Baranski Papalas works hard to find a good fit for your time and talents. ACT NOW! The first 50 people get a FREE TSHIRT in addition to their FREE ADMISSION TICKET. Call (330) 354-2190 or sign up online here

News from Poland
Big Brother is listening
Poland holds a dubious honor: the central European giant is Europe's leader in cell phone surveillance. In 2011, Polish authorities made more than 1.8 million requests for information from billing records—who called who when, for how long, etc. That was nearly half a million more than in 2010. Yet in a country that so prides itself on its successful transition from communism to freedom, the growth of the surveillance culture is viewed with concern. There are famous examples where this snooping is positive, like the recovery of the Arbeit Macht Frei sign from Auschwitz in 2009 from thieves using tracking on their mobile phone records. However, campaigners are hoping that a new court case could change these statistics.   Learn more about this story and other news in Poland at our Polish Media Watch

Ambassadorial Inaccuracy
In response to last week’s story on the ambassadors, Youngstown native, Susanne Lotarski, Vice President for Public Relations at Polish American Congress, wrote to offer some helpful follow-up information and clarification.  after our last newsletter. She wrote: “Yes, the U.S. is to have a new Polish Ambassador - in Washington; (Robert) Kupiecki had his farewell; but name of new Polish Ambassador hasn’t formally be released.  The U.S. also will have a new American Ambassador in Poland, but he certainly will not be a “Polish” Ambassador.  Adjectives do matter, as we correctly insist re “Polish death camps.” You are absolutely right Pani Lotarska!  She offers some additional interesting insight on the process here

Calendar Highlights
July 27-29 Pierogi Fest Whiting, Indiana. 2012 is the Year of the Halupki... August 2-5 Bavarian Funfest, Sharon... through Sunday, Aug. 5 "A Blessing to One Another: Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People"  Maltz Museum, Cleveland... August 2-5 44th Annual IPA Polka Festival and Convention, Cleveland... August 9 Polish Happy Hour at Millcreek Metro Park Golf Course... August 24 Polish Business Lunches... August 25 Zabawa with all-you-can-eat pierogi and music by Polka Pirates and Chardon Polka Band... August 26 Polish Day 2012

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