What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Summer Fun in Poland
In honor of summer vacation I thought we could do a little “armchair travel” together in upcoming issues…
We spend so much of our time discussing life in Poland’s cities that I thought it was time to explore some of the great things to do outside of the metro areas. Feeling relaxed and lazy, I began researching
similar activities and learned the bodies of water in Northern Poland are the perfect place for canoeing and kayaking. Moderate winds and other favorable conditions have made Drawa, Kashubia, Ilowa, Olsztyn, and Suwalki Lakelands develop as renowned water-sports region. The jewel in the crown, among these places, is, however, the Mazurian Lake District fondly and proudly called as the 'land of the thousand lakes'. More than 2,000 postglacial lakes are connected with snaking canals and rivers, forming a huge water stretch of about 1200 kilometers long. This region is famous throughout Europe because you can spend two weeks sailing or rowing on its waters and never visit the same place twice. The most popular course is Krutynia Route that is relatively easy with breathtaking natural scenery as well as the occasional village, café and castle.  Are you ready to begin your trip? Click

Share your Poland summer fun story…
Inflated airline and hotel prices thanks to the European soccer tournament this year have left many of us in the states instead of in Poland this summer. To ease the pain, let’s share our stories and pictures and we can be armchair travelers together! Send a couple of pics or video and a paragraph or two. We will feature YOUR summer in Poland story in the newsletter. Send here

501(c)3 Corporation Achieved
The PolishYoungstown Team is proud to announce that this month we have gained our Not-For-Profit status as a 501(c)3 Corporation!!! This process has taken more than three years and countless hours of work to help the government see past our fun Happy Hour reputation and recognize the cooking, language, history, culture, craft and other programs we bring to the community every month. Special thanks go out to Jess Enyeart and Patrick Wilson of Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell  and Janus Small of Janus Small Associates for their guidance. PolishYoungstown was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, it develops, supports and promotes unique programs, classes and gatherings throughout the NE Ohio area that educate the citizens of Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties about the rich culture of Poland and its influence on the history of Mahoning Valley. It preserves, propagates and promotes the arts and traditions that Polish immigrants brought to the region by sharing them with the general public. GET INVOLVED! Having this status legitimizes our mission and allows for broader foundation and corporate support. But we are only here to provide the programs. We need your support– time, talent, treasure, participation and encouragement. Show your pride and get involved.

I love a Parade!
It is that time again to show your Polish pride by donning your spirit wear and joining us to march, walk or ride on the float in the community parades coming up in the next week….

We have a beautiful float that will truly be a "one-of-a-kind" entry.  Thanks to our friends in Slavic Village Cleveland for letting us use their huge Polish Eagle Float! Thanks
to JAD Co. Equipment it will be on a flatbed truck with a small fence around it so it there will be plenty of room for seating.

Celebrate Poland Parade will take place TONIGHT Friday, June 29, 2012.  We will gather meet at 6 PM on Coblentz Drive and/or Poland Village Blvd. The parade starts at 7:00 PM and follows Rte. 170 to the center of town and disperses by the fire station on College Street.

On July 4th, we will also be marching in the Austintown Independence Day Parade on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM.  Since we celebrate Polish Day in Austintown is would be great if we could have a good showing in the parade. We will meet at 1 PM at on the corner of Kirk and Raccoon Road and the parade route will proceed from Kirk and Raccoon Roads heading North to Falcon Drive. If you have any questions, call our Community Chair Marianne Poprik at  330-272-2210.

Congratulations to Ken Shirilla (known to us as PHH Chair) and his talented team for putting together another great festival! Although exact numbers are impossible to know, an estimated 6-9,000 people attended the second annual Simply Slavic –that’s more than double from the inaugural year!  More than 15 food vendors provided home-style ethnic specialties well into the evening while the attendees enjoyed an amazing lineup of authentic Slavic entertainment. The entertainment program was highlighted by a wide array of Slavic performers ranging from ethnic dancers to Polka to authentic ethnic folk music from the Slavic cultures of Eastern and Central Europe. There truly was something for everyone! The Slavic Market provided the festival goers with unique and hard to find ethnic items while the Heritage tent gave people an insight into the various Slavic cultures represented at the festival. They were able to learn about the various cultures and nations from which the Slavic descendants in the Mahoning Valley originated.We organized to preserve and advance the knowledge of Slavic cultures by focusing on the similarities and uniqueness of all the various groups in our Slavic family,” Ken said, “This festival is the fundraiser that helps us achieve this goal and we are sincerely grateful to all that helped us accomplish this!”

Vote for the Wick Park!
We had a communal sense of pride when we voted to support our local food bank. Now is our chance to show similar support for one of our city’s parks! Coca-Cola is looking for “America’s Favorite Park”  and Youngstown’s Wick Park is in the running. The three parks that receive the most votes by July 15 will be awarded grants: $100,000 for first place, $50,000 for second place, and $25,000 for third place. Also, a $15,000 grant will be awarded randomly to another park that finishes in one of the remaining top 25 spots. Do your part by voting here

News from Poland
Spying for the Communists
It was common knowledge that during the communist era, authorities saw all priests as enemies of the people and the party and they were placed under surveillance by the Bezpieka. However a new book reveals to the elaborate extent to which Karol Wojtyła was not only under their watch, but that fellow priests who joined in the infiltration. Spying on Karol Wojtyla by Polish historian Marek Lasota gets specific of the priests who collaborated with the secret police sharing informastion on items as mundane as the future pope’s toothpaste to more relevant phone convesations. The spying on Wojtyla continued until after 16 October 1978, when the Cardinal of Krakow was surprisingly elected Pope. BTW, out of the sea of documents, reports and dossiers on Wojtyla, he came out completely clean. He could not be blackmailed, manipulated or influenced.  MORE

Will we ever know the truth?
The Smolensk plane crash of 10 April 2010, tragically ended the lives of Poland's late President, Lech Kaczyński, along with almost 100 representatives of the nation's political elite.  The Russian government final report which blames pilots, tree and whether for accident, has been questioned by many scientists and scientifically been proved false. Moreover the main conclusion of scientists is that the cause of accident was two explosions. A group is now petitioning the White House to push for that international investigation. Sign the petition, learn more about this story
HERE and other news from Poland at our Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Friday, June 29 Celebrate Poland Parade... 7 PM at Centrum
Opera Circle Concert + Roundtable... July 4 Austintown Independence Day Parade... August 2nd to 5th Bavarian Funfest Back in Sharon... August 26 Polish Day.

Do Zobaczenia!
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