What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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The history of cinema in Poland is almost as long as history of cinematography, and it has universal achievements, even though Polish movies tend to be less commercially available than movies from several other European nations. The first movie theatre in Poland was founded in Łódź in 1899, several years after the invention of the Cinematograph (a film camera, which also serves as a film projector and developer) in the early 1890s. That city is home now to the premier school for this art, the Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa. During the era of Communist occupation the school then became one of the most notable cultural think-tanks in the country, with many outsiders and artists joining it. Various discussion clubs and relative liberty of speech promoted by its leadership added to its value. The school can boast of many famous alumni, but since Americans have few chances to enjoy Polish films, the names would not be recognizable to most readers. However, the School has three Oscar-winning alums that you might know: Roman Polanski, Andrzej Wajda and Zbigniew Rybczyński.

See for Yourself
Our friends at the Pittsburgh Polish Cultural Councilhave invited us to join them for a very interesting event. They have created a Polish three-film mini festival called Through Polish Eyes,as part of Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival.  What a great example of effective collaboration! The big draw will no doubt be Battle of Warsaw 1920, on Sunday, March 25th at 3 PM. It is not only Poland's first 3D movie, but it is also considered one of the most-expensive such films ever made. The film reenacts the historically significant epic defeat of the Soviet Red Army at the hands of the Polish Army with some entertaining love story intertwined. The screening will kick off the University of Pittsburgh's Polish Studies Endowment Drive. Get a taste of the film HERE. Want to be part of the group going down together?  Call us 330-646-4082 and we will reserve tickets. Polish films are also part of the Cleveland International Film Festival which begins this week. They are screening five films with Polish connections. The one currently getting the most attention is the English- language, Fatal Attraction-like film called The Woman in the Fifth. It is directed by Pawel Pawlikowski and stars Ethan Hawke. Check out the intriguing trailer to this thriller here But I’m more interested in Winter’s Daughter that takes viewers on a tour of Poland in the bleakest part of winter. I’m okay with that since we are enjoying a great start to spring here. Learn more about the movies here

Easter Celebration for us to enjoy
For once the children of Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle got to really enjoy one of Folklorist Lawrence Kozlowski’s educational workshops! The children had the chance to join adults in egg decorating and palm weaving at last Sunday’s  Święconka Polish Easter Traditions workshop. See pics here. We are so lucky to have access to the skills and talents that Kozlowski has to share! Traditional Easter baked goods and other ethnic items were available for purchase.  Read more about it in The Youngstown Vindicator article here. If you didn’t get to attend the event, fear not, there is still time to place your meat and specialties order.  S&D Deli, the Pittsburgh Polish deli, is accepting orders for its special Easter items, such as kielbasa biala surowa (fresh, white sausage), the rye-inspired zurek (white borscht), and, unique, fruit- and meat-filled pierogi. Advanced orders will be delivered to Youngstown on Wednesday April 4th for convenient pick up.  If interested just download a form from our homepage (click on the Easter egg).

Flour Power
While guests enjoyed the lessons they also enjoyed the smell of freshly made paska bread from the Polska Kuchnia classes being held there that day. The class The class was taught by our own artisan bread specialist Tad Siembidfa. In addition to recipes, he provided his more than 15 students over three class sessions with a sheet of bread baking tips. Some of his advice includes explaining the distinctions between different types of flours. For example, I learned that the moisture content of flour varies from brand to brand and depending on the season; therefore, you may have to vary the amount of flour or liquid in the dough. Sounds simple, right? We will see when it comes time to bake during Holy Week! Students were so excited by Tad’s methods and approach that we’ve invited him to take over the program for us! Witamy Tadziu! We will know more about next month’s classes soon, but rumor has it that pastries are on the agenda. Stay tuned! See pics from class here.

We knew it all along!
In the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge which is a dry tasting review of all different spirits from around the world where over 650 spirits from over 30 countries were judged and only 31 Chairman’s Trophy Winners were awarded and 80 Finalists (per categories), Bak’s Bison Grass Zubrowka Vodka has Won the Chairman’s Trophy for Best Flavored Vodka! The purpose of Ultimate Spirits Challenge is to identify, recognize and reward those products which stand out in their respective categories, showing superior quality. This is a HUGE accolade, beating the likes of the upstart citrus, cupcake and whipped cream flavors. Congratulations to Andrew Bak and all our friends at Adamba Importers!  

News from Poland
The Right to Be Heard
More than 1.9 million Poles took to the streets this week to protest what they are seeing as threats to their hard fought free press. The anger stems from the Polish Broadcasting Council refusing to grant license to Catholic TV Trwam despite its history and financial standing, yet they gave licenses to fledgling organizations without a Catholic purpose. The ruling Civic Platform party lead by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (and also President Bronisław Komorowski's party) is also blocking all parliamentary attempts to start an independent review of the licensing process itself. Some commentators state that this action of governmental suppression of independent media echoes the dark years of soviet-imposed communism in Poland between 1944 -1989. Check out the channel here. Learn more about this story here and other news from Poland at our Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
March 22 Cleveland International Film Festival begins…March 24 Cabin Fever Polka Break at Kuzmans… March 25 at 3 PM 3D Battle of Warsaw 1920 March 30 Help Our Wounded benefit concert, Cleveland…April 9 Dyngus Day celebrations Cleveland and Buffalo 

Do Zobaczenia!
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