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The celebration of Lent and Easter in the Polish-American community is one of great fasting, great feasting, wrapped in age-old family and church traditions. Unfortunately, many of these traditions have been lost over time. But, now is the chance to revive them for your family. Święconka, a Polish Easter Traditions workshop and celebration will take place on Sunday, March 18th from 12-5 PM at Our Lady of Hungary Parish Hall, 545 N Belle Vista Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44509-1597.
This popular FREE event will include egg decorating and palm weaving workshops will be conducted by noted folklorist and author, Lawrence Kozlowski, throughout the day. Traditional Easter baked goods and other ethnic items available for purchase.  As a bonus, you can even buy some of the freshly made paska bread from the
Polska Kuchniaclasses being held there that day!  This event is sponsored by the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle to defray the cost of new costumes.
NEW THIS YEAR:  Stop in for the children’s lessons which will be held 2-3 PM when members of the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle will host a 30-minute participatory workshop. This will be followed by their own age-appropriate mini folk art workshop session at 2:30! 
Also why fill your baskets with chocolate bunnies when you can use chocolate pierogi! These delicious, high-quality, solid milk chocolate dumplings will be available for $1.50 and be the perfect addition to your Polish child, grandchild or others Easter basket. Learn more about the day HERE

Honoring the contribution of our founders
Start you day with Polish Arts Club of Youngstown Memorial Mass at 10:30 at St. Stanislaus Church on Williamson Avenue. This annual event is the Club’s way of remembering, honoring and commemorating its many deceased members who did such good work to preserve and promote our proud Polish culture. Not a member yet? Learn more HERE

Trip to see Polish history in 3D
Our friends at the Pittsburgh Polish Cultural Council have invited us to join them for a very interesting event. They have created a Polish three-film mini festival called Through Polish Eyes as part of Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival.  What a great example of effective collaboration! The big draw will no doubt be Battle of Warsaw 1920, on Sunday, March 25th at 3 PM. It is not only Poland's first 3D movie, it is also considered one of the most-expensive such film ever made. The film reenacts the historically significant epic defeat of the Soviet Red Army at the hands of the Polish Army with some entertaining love story intertwined. The screening will kick off the will kick-off the University of Pittsburgh's Polish Studies Endowment Drive. Get a taste of the film HERE. Want to be part of group together to go down together?  Let us know if you are interested HERE and we will reserve tickets.

Summer study programs available
The Cold War International History Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC is offering summer internships. The Project supports the full and prompt release of historical materials by governments on all sides of the Cold War. Interns at the Project will assist with research at archives and libraries, editing document manuscripts, publishing, translating, and disseminating CWIHP bulletins and working papers, coordinating scholarly conferences and answering various information requests. Deadline is March 31.

News from Poland
Admin breaks promise on US visa waiver
Despite promises by President Barack Obama last December that Poles would not have to obtain visas to enter the United States by the end of his presidency, Hilary Clinton admitted that this promise may have to be broken. “I know the President pledged that this would be done before the end of his presidency, and probably that will be a little longer than the end of this year,” Clinton told reporters at a joint press conference with Minister Sikorski, Wednesday. Learn more about this story here and other news from Poland at our Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
March 18 10:30 Polish Arts Club Memorial Mass at St. Stanislaus… Święconka 12-5 PM Our Lady of Hungary Hall …March 22 Cleveland International Film Festival begins…March 24 Cabin Fever Polka Break at Kuzmans… March 25 at 3 PM 3D Battle of Warsaw 1920 March 30 Help Our Wounded benefit concert, Cleveland

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