What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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This week the Poles in America Foundation paid tribute to General Casimir Pułaski-- General Casimir Pułaski, American Revolutionary War Hero and Father of the American Calvary--on March 6, the 265th anniversary of his birth with a gathering and wreath-laying in the U.S. Capitol building. Hosted by Chicago Congressman Dan Lipinski, the event was attended by Polonia leaders from New York, Philadelphia and as far away as Florida. The PAF is dedicated to research Polish-American history and genealogy and its dissemination. They were the organization behind the Pułaski film we have used as part of our celebration at our own monument in Peterson Park. Learn more about the General’s story HERE.

Turning to The Hill for Help
While on The Hill, we went to visit our local representative, Congressman Tim Ryan (D-17 OH). In addition to discussing the college search process with my son, Drew, and filmmaking friends with son, Auggie, the congressman and I talked about our own Pułaski monument project in Poland’s Peterson Park. Our goal is to make the park more accessible by removing the broken rock that is currently there and replacing it with bricks that would make it possible for veterans and others with walkers or wheelchairs to navigate the park. We left with several good ideas and the promise of follow up from his office with further assistance. The goal is to  break ground this month, but we need more brick sales to make that happen. Have you bought one to represent your family yet? Learn more HERE As we walked out the door who did we run into but Bonnie Burdman, our friend from the Youngstown Jewish Federation. Those Valley people get around!

Uczta Meksikana explores ties to Mexico
At first glance the cultures of Mexico and Poland do not have much in common. Sure we share a focus on close families, satisfying work, education for kids, as well as good food, drink and music. However I recently learned that it goes deeper than that. Our countries shared a desire for freedom that lead to respect and aide in times of need. Learn more about it here. A most notable example of this was the WWII settlement at Hacienda Santa Rosa in León de los Aldama in central Mexico. There refugee orphans were protected, educated and warmly embraced by the Mexican nationals. A reunion they shared their stories.  This friendship continues with great trade relations today to the tune of accordion laden Norteña and Ranchero music influenced by European settlers in our Southwest and Mexico's northern states. We featured an example in our Video of the Month. For these reasons (and because it will be fun) PolishYoungstown is hosting Uczta Meksikana, PHH at Fiesta Tapatia on Thursday, March 8 from 5:30-9 PM. One of the highlights of the evening is sure to be the tequila tasting and talk with owner Juan Vasquez who only emigrated in the last decade when his migrant worker father raised enough money to bring the family north.

You love the baking idea!
The latest offering in our series Polska Kuchnia--paska bread baking-- has obviously struck a chord with you. The class sold out not once, but three times. We are grateful to artisan bread specialist Tad Siemba for his desire to share his skill and not leave anybody out. Classes will be taking place on the weekend of March 17 &18. If you didn’t register yet, call (330) 726-9992 to get on the waiting list or be notified first next time.

News from Poland
Next Polish saint could be a banker
Franciszek Stefczyk, a former country school teacher and political organizer, soon may make Poland the first country to have a credit union saint, according to the World Council of Credit Unions. Stefczyk is credited with starting Poland's first credit unions in the early 20th century. In his nominating papers, supporters wrote "He was a person of wonderful qualities of spirit and mind whose entire life bears testimony to the belief that the rules of business can be reconciled by the Gospel if those rules are based on true values and the idea of helping one's neighbor." It’s a timely nomination since the group's world conference will be held July 15–18 in Gdańsk. Learn more about this story here and other news from Poland at our Polish Media Watch

Calendar Highlights
March 8 Polish Happy Hour…March 16 Lake Erie Monsters hockey game Call 216-478-0120… March 17 & 18 Polska Kuchnia cooking class…March 18 Polish Arts Club Memorial Mass at St. Stanislaus… March 22 Cleveland International Film Festival begins…March 24 Cabin Fever Polka Break at Kuzmans

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