What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Reverand John Keehner said he had hoped to make the final mass at St. Casimir last Saturday more like a tribute to the parish then a funeral. I am in awe at how wonderfully he and his parishioners accomplished that goal. Everything from the choir's 45-minute mixed song prelude to the informative, beautifully designed program books was executed beautifully. A packed church with over flow in the old choir loft and in folding chairs were there to appreciate the experience. Many had grown up in the parish and hadn’t visited in decades, but they were made to feel welcome and their loss recognized. Everything was done to highlight and recognize the parishioners of the parish. The organizers even went as far as to bring back altar servers, like Martin Hernandez and Robert Cooke, who grew up in the parish. The most moving of these personal touches came just before the end of mass. As steeple bells were ringing, commemorations of the various aspects of parish life were recognized with individuals who experienced them. For example, Wanda Jankowski Tarantino, believed to be the first person baptized in that building in 1926, was wheeled to the alter by her daughter. She lit a vigil candle and was then presented a small taper to take with her the spirit of love and friendship to the next parish. This went on to the sounds of applause and quiet tears through every facet of the parish experience: first communion, weddings, burials, religious life, etc. Those who attended the dinner in the undercroft below the church enjoyed a slide show of years of snapshots and received lovely favors that were also thoughtfully done. One was an engraved Wendell August ornament and the other was a bookmarks with the poem referenced above on one side and the image of the 1926 dedication on the other. I hope that parishioners had an opportunity to enjoy the evening while presenting it for the rest of us. Their efforts and attention to detail made an otherwise sad occasion into a fitting and moving tribute.

Nearby Memorial Efforts
We had the opportunity this week to visit nearby Oil City and see the work their Polonia community is doing. A group of clubs, churches and individuals have created the Polish Heritage Memorial Park. The commemorative garden overlooks the river and recognizes important Polish people and events, both local and worldwide. Founders say they were inspired to design the park after a visit to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA. Sto Lat! MORE

A bread by any other name
What’s the difference between paska, babka and pashka? Although all of these terms are Eastern European and are often used interchangeably here in Youngstown to refer to the bread that appears right around Easter time, there is actually difference between each of these. This is the kind of thing you learn when you participate in our series Polska Kuchnia. Out newest offering --paska bread baking will take place on Sunday, March 18th from 1-4 PM. Our class will be taught by local award-winning, artisan bread specialist Tad Siemba. Learn more and register for one of the limited spots here

Debutante and Polonia Queens
It may seem old fashioned, but it is still a lovely concept for a young woman to be formally introduced to society. Our young Polish women have a chance to enjoy such an event because The Kosciouszko Foundation is accepting applications for its gala event in NYC.  Closer to home, the May 3rd Constitution Day celebrations in Parma and Slavic Village are coming soon. Both have extended an invitation to us to submit young women from the Mahoning Valley to participate in their Parade Queen competitions. Participants are eligible to receive prizes and scholarship monies.  Last time Youngstown supported an entry she won! Let us know if you are interested via email and we will get you the details!

Summer in Poland
The Kosciuszko Foundation has also announced its 2012 Summer Study in Poland schedule. The programs are open to high school graduates who will be 18 years old by the first day of their chosen program.  College students, graduate students and adults who have an interest in studying Polish may also apply. MORE

News from Poland
Battle for the Barracks
Polish and U.S. officials are engaged in intense talks to determine the fate of a sensitive object: a barrack that once housed doomed prisoners at the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp and is now on display at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Poland is demanding the return of the artifact, which has been on loan to the Washington museum for more than 20 years and is an important object in its permanent exhibition. But the U.S. museum is resisting the demand, saying the valuable object shouldn't be moved partly because it is too fragile. Read MORE on this and read other news from Poland at our Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Feb 29 Gorzkie Zale services begin for Lent at St. Stanislaus...March 1 Polish American Congress bus trip to Presque Isle Downs Casino call 216-662-4360...March 16 Lake Erie Monsters hockey game Call 216-478-0120...March 8 Polish Happy Hour...March 18 Polish Arts Club Memorial Mass at St. Stanislaus...Polska Kuchnia cooking class...March 22 Cleveland International Film Festival begins...March 24 Cabin Fever Polka Break at Kuzmans...March 25 annual Święconka

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