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“Our heritage gives us a sense of individuality which distinguishes us from other nations, while culture and tradition restore our identity.”
When I am out at local work meetings or social events, people will often look at me quizzically when I talk about the activities of your PolishYoungstown. You can read in their face the unspoken question: “Why bother?”  A recent blog posting summed it up so beautifully I felt compelled to share the highlights for those of you who have been similarly questioned:  Living in the present day is by no means an easy task. In our fast-paced world inevitable changes seem to be the only permanent thing. Trying to find our place in a dynamic and tangled reality we look for stability, some point of reference. Our heritage gives us a sense of individuality which distinguishes us from other nations, while culture and tradition restore our identity. More and more often in these days of globalization we go back to our roots, listen to the words of wisdom of our elders and the voices of our land. It is no wonder that interest in many family traditions, especially holiday related ones, is growing and people have become eager to revive them.”  Read the entire article here.

It is in this spirit that your PolishYoungstown Team puts together Polish Heritage Day every year. From a small gathering in the basement of St. Casimir’s basement to the annual event we all look forward to attending, it has been transformative.  This effort epitomizes the term “labor of love.” We have been working for months on the details and meeting weekly and some of us daily this month.   It is now that we request your help too. We are grateful for your response so far but we still have needs in several areas:
·        Can you help setup?
·        Can you donate a gift basket?
·        Can you donate 3 hours of your time to help sell t-shirts, tickets, or paint faces
      of the children?

Volunteer Coordinator Carol Papalas is available to answer your questions about the slots that are open at 330-652-7106. All volunteers should attend orientation at St. Anne’s at 6 PM Tuesday, August 23 to get their free admission ticket, T-shirt and learn where they will be working on Polish Day. 

Here’s the latest on the big event:
Happy Polkaland with Larry & Diana Walk will be broadcasting live all 
We have created PolishYoungstown beer mugs and shot glasses!... Tasty potato pancakes have been added back to the platter menu!
We are very excited about this upcoming event. Hope you can join us!

Youngstown area residents are not the only one dealing with the questions of shale gas. Poland’s government is hoping to use its EU presidency to drive two central goals: blocking any attempt to impose EU-level regulation of the nascent shale gas industry; and opposing any tightening of carbon emissions targets. Poland’s current generation mix is dominated by coal. It has one of the most carbon-intensive energy portfolios in all of Europe. Learn more about the report and other news in Poland at our
Polish Media Watch site that is updated weekly.

Polish Happy Hour August at the Boxcar Lounge last week was the lovely affair you can always count on for the location.  The best part, to me, was the interest and integration between the PHH attendees and the bikers who were there that night. To me that is the ultimate in what Fr. Joe Rudjak calls “Ethnic Evangelization.” It is one thing for us to talk about our Polish pride and traditions to each other but it is even better to share that good news with a larger audience! This type of integration with the larger Mahoning Valley community is part of what PHH is all about. The fall is extremely exciting: Kravitz’s Deli; McDonough Museum and the Arms Museum are venues that want to host our fun event.

The more than 20 volunteer arts educators and teaching assistants who took place in the Kościuszko Foundation Arts Enriched English Camp returned from Poland on July 30. The group joined about 90 Polish youth from all regions of Poland for three weeks of camp then enjoyed a fourth week of visiting important cultural and historical sites in southern Poland. The camp is located in Nadwarciański Gród near the cities of Wielun and Częstohowa. The idea for the Arts Camp grew out of the Teaching English in Poland Program.  The Ohio Chapter of the Kościuszko Foundation received a grant from the Delta Kappa Gamma International Foundation for $4,000 for banjos and clarinets. Lacrosse sticks and equipment was also donated by the friends of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Kościuszko Foundation.  Learn more about it all here.

At this writing I am sitting at the opening ceremonies of the Polish National Alliance Convention in Minneapolis, MN.  The largest fraternal of the Polish groups, the PNA officers are hugely influential on the image and activities of Polonia nationwide. This is my first time attending such an event and I am fascinated by the people and messages I am hearing from our Polonia leaders here this week. I will share with you any news of interest on our Facebook page.

Do Zobaczenia!  (Until we meet again...)
Your PolishYoungstown Team

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