What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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There has been so much happening this summer we haven’t had time to write and share the stories about it! And we are not slowing down...
Plans are in full swing for our biggest event of the year,
Polish Day. This year we are speeding up the food lines by adding ale carte options outside! There’s a huge band tent out there also so you won’t miss out on any of the fun! Of course we will have two bands, the Marketplace, Bakery, Dance performances and all the things you love about this annual event! Please consider helping to make it happen. We are in need of sponsors, basket donations and volunteer workers to make our only fundraiser of the year a success. If you give only two hours of your time to help make it happen, we’ll reward you with FREE admission and a t-shirt! Sign up today!

Last year, we host Charm City Sound at Polish Day and Band Leader Mike Matousek had such a good time that they have released a song about it!  Playing with the reunited polka band, The Boys, the song pays tribute to our efforts to energize the community. The PolishYoungstown Polka premiered this weekend on
Happy Polkaland and is available for download here.  What a fun tribute! We will have to add it to our PHH sing-a-long!

The Pirates pulled the plug as did the Indians, but our favorite ball club in Niles can’t wait for us join them for our Polish Nite at the
Scrappers this Friday, July 29th  to see our hometown team take on the Spinners.  Put on your red and white, get your general admission ticket and join us in Section 201-that’s it! Look for our banner! If you want do more, Matt Thompson (call him Mateusz) and the Scrappers have some great all-you-can eat and other options. The ballpark has yet to embrace a full-fledge Polish Nite cause they don’t think you’ll support it
L but they are serving pierogi-deep fried with hot sauce! We are looking for what we’ve enjoyed in past years...a great evening hanging with friends, drinking some piwo, eating and watch the game and, this year, the fireworks! Hope to see you there!

When you think of summer in Ohio, other than last week, images of green grass, tall green trees and a warm gentle breeze come to mind. We had all this in abundance at July's Polish Happy Hour at the 37th Hole Restaurant in the
Mill Creek Park Golf Course Clubhouse. The view was magnificent as we sat on the covered veranda overlooking the stunning beauty of the golf course. We met new friends and shared stories with old ones. The complimentary great appetizers of kielbasa with kraut and pulled-pork sandwiches made us thirsty for Tyskie Polish Beer and the assorted wines available. Our non-profit co-op this month was the Mill Creek Children’s' Programs which shared the 50/50 pot with winner Ted Szmaj. Attendees learned about the history of golf in Poland and its recent reemergence as a growing sport there. Learn more about it here. Ah, summer!

After more than two years of planning, the dream to relocate the veteran’s memorial from South Avenue to more appropriate location has become a reality.  On June 25th
PolishYoungstown, the Polish Army Veteran's Association of America District 9 and Town One Streetscapes dedicated the Polish War Veteran’s Memorial at its new home inside of Peterson Park in Poland, Ohio.   More than 100 visitors came to the program, some from as far away as Chicago and Connecticut. Learn more about it and see the pictures here.
How can you help?
The dedication placed the monument but the project is not finished.  This was the official launch of Polish Youngstown’s/Town One Streetscapes memorial brick sale to now make the park more accessible.  We need to sell 500 bricks to make this project happen. The lava rock that currently covers the park, although pretty, makes it inaccessible for seniors and others who might be physically challenged to visit and enjoy the park. Our goal is to have raised enough bricks sold by October 1st that we can have the new surface installed by Polish-American Heritage Month in October. Have your family represented and show your support. Order forms for this available here.

Earlier this month Cleveland played host to the nation’s Polonia’s cultural leaders for the
Convention of the American Council for Polish Culture. The event celebrated the maestro--famed composer, diplomat and political leader, Ignacy Jan Paderewski in the city’s Polish Cultural Garden. In honor of the convention and the dedication, on the evening of July 15, the Terminal Tower was lit white over red, the national colors of Poland.
That isn’t the only big event happening for Cleveland Polonia. The Vatican has sent asked an investigator to inquire as to the
process and procedures of the church closures under the auspices of Most Rev. Richard G. Lennon. You might remember on March 19, 2009 the diocese of Cleveland, under their “Vibrant Church Campaign,” announced a list of 50-plus parishes to be closed, including nine Polish churches. The bishop said they were being closed due to lack of monies, no priests and not enough members.  Investigation of these ethnic churches has found in all cases that they had large bank accounts, very valuable windows and artifacts and priests who were bilingual.  Since June 2009, every Wednesday late afternoon there has been people outside the cathedral protesting the closings, and other actions of the bishop. At St Casimir, whose incredible alter is pictured here, the people started a prayer vigil on the street in front of the shuttered church one week after the closing and have continued continuously for every Sunday  or 21 months. Undergoing similar closures and mergers here, you may want to stay up to date with this volatile story here.

While we are relaxing this summer, it’s all business in Poland. On the international front, Poles are leading the European Union. Meanwhile, on the domestic front, the Polish government is reviving its efforts to “privatize state companies,” but still exercises large amounts of control. Learn more about the happenings here.

Fr. Joe Rudjak and our friends at the Kosciuszko Foundation spent their weeks in Poland teaching English through the arts at a summer camp. If you want to go to Poland and not rough it, yet have an artsy experience, the Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznań is for you. The brainchild of electronic artist Rafael Lozano Hemmer, staying at the hotel means you become part of his art show. It begins when you book a room on its website. You pick colors, pictures and numbers, and the personality that your choices reveal determines your room - including zebra stripes and all-white schemes.

Do następnego razu... (Till next time...)
Your PolishYoungstown Team

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