What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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PolishYoungstown, the Polish Army Veteran's Association of America District 9 and Town One Streetscapes are thrilled to invite you to join us at 11 am Saturday, June 25th for the dedication ceremony of the Polish Veterans Monument in Peterson Park Garden in the Village of Poland, Ohio.
The ceremony will include an honor guard, playing of taps, singing of the American and Polish national anthems and the laying of a wreath by the monument by folk dancers in colorful costumes.  Guest speakers include John Brown, Retired Navy, National AMVETS Commander; Zygmunt Bierat, National Polish American Veterans Commander and Dr. Jan Napoleon Saykiewicz, Honorary Consul of the People’s Republic of Poland. 
The event will also launched has launch Town One Streetscapes
memorial brick sale to aide in its effort to now make the park more accessible.  The lava rock that currently covers the park, although pretty, makes it inaccessible for seniors and others who might be physically challenged to visit and enjoy the park. Order forms for this available at event and online later this week.
Also available at the event will be
tabletop models of the Tom Antonishak’s  Freedom fighters sculpture as well as a Cat’s Meow edition of the park with the monument included. This is the latest addition to the Polish sites around Youngstown collection.
The magnificent granite memorial is dedicated to Polish émigré veterans of World Wars I and II. It was erected at its location on South Avenue in 1970 by the Youngstown chapter of the Polish Army War Veterans of America. That group is now defunct and the former Polski Dom, known as Krakusy Hall, has been vacant for several years. 
To fully appreciate the sacrifices made to construct this monument and the sacrifices it stands for we felt we needed to find a new location that was not only relevant to the monument, but accessible to the general public. That goal was achieved with Peterson Park in Poland’s city center. The focal point of the peninsular park is a life-size sculpture portrays Gens. Casimir Pułaski and Tadeusz Kościuszko-the two Polish generals for whom the village and township were named to honor. The statue is the only one depicting these two Revolutionary War patriots together. 
“We can think of no better home for this monument,” says Lisa Skomra Lotze, PolishYoungstown Monument chair.  “In this one location, that has already become a Polonia tourist stop, visitors can learn about the contributions of these Polish generals to the initial American fight for freedom and now, the sacrifices of Polish men and women during the World Wars, too.”
“We’re happy that this striking monument has found a home worthy of its heritage,” says Larry Warren, Town One Streetscapes president, adding that the groups have been working with several veterans’ organizations to facilitate the move for nearly a year.   “The monument honors the courage of patriots and a patriot’s struggle to be free transcends national, cultural and territorial bounds.”

Simply Stupendous
The members of all the Slavic tribes (and their Italian and Irish spouses) gathered in force last Saturday for the first-ever Simply Slavic heritage festival held in downtown Youngstown.  Ken Shirilla and his committee created the event to showcase the many different Slavic groups that helped to populate the Mahoning Valley and by the turnout it seemed to do exactly that!
In addition to the Polish, Slovaks, Ukrainian, Serbian, Carpatho-Rusyns and Slovenians had Heritage Tables set up to display information about their groups. One of the most popular parts of which were the display maps as well as how to say “Hello” and count to ten and in all the different languages.
Foods were the similar yet different, too. There were pierogi and pirohy, kolače and kolachi and halushki and halubky among much more from 10 booths.  Many folks felt the urge to do a taste test down the row! There were even five imported Slavic beers and of course, vodka and slivovice! Ethnic crafts, t-shirts, crystal, and books were also available for purchase from a dozen different vendors. The festival started off with an ecumenical blessing and parade of flags, followed by a blessing of the various food booths.  The much talked about Baking Contest ended up with more than 12 entries-many of them from Poles-and the coveted Slavic embroidered chef champ hat was won by our own Marta Mazur for her tasty krusciki!
Music was continuous throughout the day with performances by the Del Sinchak orchestra from Youngstown, OH and the Mikey Dee orchestra from McKeesport, PA, along with ethnic dance groups Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle, Living Traditions Folk Ensemble, and the Ukrainian Folk Ensemble. There were also polka and kolo dance lessons! The evening ended with a Slavic Disco featuring modern dance music from the present day Slavic countries.  All in all, the day represented a wonderful show of cooperation and fellowship between the various Slavic groups that are in the Mahoning Valley and showed what can happen if everyone works together. The most common statement we overheard was “we should have had something like this long ago!” Let’s hope the organizers feel the same way and that in the future we will have even more groups represented! See pics HERE.

Premiere of Vesica
Special thanks go out to Andrew Bak and our friends at Adamba Imports International for their sponsorship support of both Sobotka and Simply Slavic. When setting out to create something never seen before in the vodka category, turned to nature, science, mathematics, engineering and spirituality for inspiration which led to the birth of Vesica vodka which we were thrilled to unveil in Ohio at these events. Made in Poland exclusively for and imported by Adamba, this clear vodka became available in all major US markets in late spring 2010 and spread quickly to many major US markets. Ohio liquor control laws are notoriously stringent and it took almost two years for the company to achieve approval to sell in the Buckeye State.
This exclusive, triple-distilled, triple-filtered potato vodka is crystal clear and full of robust flavor. Yet it is silky smooth, sure to “raise the spirits” of the everyday vodka enthusiast to a more enlightening cocktail experience.  Make sure you ask for it by name at your favorite liquor store and tell them you heard of it from PolishYoungstown!

Retire on the Rynek
If you are longing to linger over coffee while watching the musicians, street artists and buggies on the largest city square in Europe, real estate analysts are recommending you indulge your fantasy. "Property investors, seeking capital growth and promising rental prospects should think about Poland,” says Louise Reynolds of Property Venture, a United Kingdom-based real estate firm. “It is not your traditional second home destination, but makes a great choice for an investment property.  Reynolds says Poland is the only country in the European Union that did not to go into a recession so it represents a safe-haven economy, which has a buoyant property market.  And it’s not just good for private investors. The powerhouse companies from China are jumping in now too. Learn more about it here.

Bezpiecznej Podróży
(Okay, this is one of those cases when Bon Voyage just sounds better to me!) Either way, best wishes to Fr. Joseph Rudjak. Fr. Joe will be heading off to join the Kosciouszko Foundation Arts Enriched English Camp at the Scouting facility Nadwarciański Gród located near the city of Wieluń in southwest Poland. Last time he taught dancing! Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pics from this time around!

Mark your calendars: June 24th  7 PM Celebrate Poland Parade (Come march with Polish Youngstown!)...June 24th St. Peter and Paul 100th Anniversary Celebration dinner...July 9-10 YSU Festival of the Arts...Aug. 28th Polish Day 2011.

Do Zobaczenia!
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