What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
Subject: What's Happening in Polish Youngstown
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Warm sunny weather was a long time in coming this year so it hard to believe that we will soon facing summer solstice. To mark the occasion, albeit a bit early, MillCreek MetroParks has teamed up with PolishYoungstown for the second year to host Sobotka, Polish Happy Hour at the Gardens on Thursday, June 9, 2011 from 5:30-10 PM at Fellows Riverside Gardens.
Made famous by Shakespeare’s play about mischief and summer love, this night of merrymaking-also known as St. John’s Eve-has its roots in magical pagan rituals that honored two important elements: Fire and Water. Many cultures continue to celebrate the ancient tradition by burning bonfires, bathing in open waters at sunset, and sing and dance until midnight. Young Polish maidens dressed in white, with wreaths of yellow and white wild flowers upon their heads, would set afloat candled wreaths on the rivers, in hopes that a fitting mate would find the wreath when fishing and fall in love with them.(Come join us to try your luck!)

Our FREE midsummer night celebration will include:
·                       Imported Tyski beer,  summery vodka cocktails with the newly released Vesica vodka and our old favorite  Żubrówka Bison Grass vodka cocktails;
·                      Free appetizers and unique Polish dining specials, like authentic mountain-style kabobs and gypsy grilled potatoes in the Garden Café;
·                      Seasonal wreathmaking demonstrations and workshop--Make your own for good luck and then be part of our launch at 9 PM on Lake Glacier!
NEW THIS YEAR Live dance music by the fun, zany, and truly unique Chardon Polka Band. Get a taste of their spin on polka here. Think they can lead the famous PHH sing-a-long? Let us know what you think of these young guys-they are scheduled to join us for Polish Day!
Last year this was voted the ABSOLUTE BEST Polish Happy Hour of the entire year! This year, it will have to try to best the fun we had at Kulig in January, but you know... I think you can do that! Please share the news about this unique, exciting community event with your friends and bring’em along!

Obama in Poland
Is it just me or did we this trip not get much coverage at all? President Barack Obama made his first, long-awaited visit to Poland on May 27-28 and it didn’t seem to make it onto the radar. The trip aimed to put the early-term controversies over American security assurances to rest and to open the opportunity for closer U.S.-Central European cooperation on democracy-building in the wider European neighborhood. But who would know? Thanks goodness we have the Polish American Congress’ Ted Miriecki sending us the weekly update Media Watch every week. We post it to our homepage so check it out for the latest on the president’s trip and other Polish news. Check out this interesting commentary on Obama and Poland here.

Have you marked your calendar to join us at Simply Slavic? The first-ever downtown festival created specifically to celebrate Youngstown’s Slavic community. This fun event will take place on Saturday, June 18th from Noon-11 PM on Federal Plaza East. The event will include a baking contest, live music, folk dance performances, homemade food, children’s learning areas, educational exhibits and workshops and ethnic vendors. A Slavic Beer garden and Euro Disco will end the night! Check out the website and see how you can join in the fun!

Pinchers Wanted
The Polish Arts Club will be providing pierogi at Simply Slavic, Festival of the Arts and other events throughout the summer. That is a lot of pierogi! Their hope is to produce the thousands of dumplings needed in one busy day and welcome your help.. No experience needed! Join in the fun on Tuesday, June 14 from 8-5 PM at St. Stan's 1PM. Come for the whole time or only an hour. Our version of the modern day quilting bee, pinching can be loads of fun.

June 10-12 Penn-Ohio Polka Festival at Conneaut Lake Park...
June 18th Simply Slavic... June 25th Veteran’s Monument Dedication in Peterson Park, Poland...Aug. 28th Polish Day 2011.

Do Zobaczenia
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