Letter to the Editor
Dear Aundrea,

I very much enjoy reading “Polish Youngstown” and following the many spectacular activities being organized in my home town. PY is the very best of Polish-American newsletters!  But I can’t help commenting on the section “Was U.S. to have new Polish Ambassador.”

1-      Title – Yes, U.S. is to have a new Polish Ambassador - in Washington; Kupiecki had his farewell; but name of new Polish Ambassador hasn’t formally be released.  The U.S. also will have a new American Ambassador in Poland, but he certainly will not be a “Polish” Ambassador.  Adjectives do matter, as we correctly insist re “Polish death camps.”

2-      Content – I saw the media piece from which this was taken, but I think that in informing your readers, PY needs to take care that it’s from a reliable source so as not to spread rumors or misinformation.  What is happening re U.S. ambassadorships right now, is what happens every presidential election year:  the State Department moves to protect the U.S. from long vacancies in ambassadorships in key countries by changing ambassadors and appointing senior career officers, especially to ambassadorships held by political appointees.  If a new President is elected, all the political appointees have to resign and it usually takes 9-12 months before the new administration can get new people through the selection, vetting, Senate confirmation, and training process. Such vacancies are bad for U.S. relations with foreign countries, so they try to forestall them from happening.  Also, usual ambassadorial appointments are 3 years, so even career people who have served that long are replaced in a presidential election year.  Recently, the White House and State Department have been announcing new ambassadorial appointments not only to Poland, but to key countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and others. The change of U.S. Ambassador in Warsaw  (where Lee Feinstein has served 3 years) is part of this overall process.

Please continue the good work.

Very best,
Susanne Lotarski,
Vice President for Public Relations
Polish American Congress



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