The History of Golf in Poland 

Some experts say with a smile, that with stones as balls and shepherd's sticks as clubs, the sport of golf was born. In medieval Europe, there used to be a few such games, in which sticks were used to hit a ball or rock. Variations of such games have also been documented in other parts of the world.However, Scotland is commonly considered as the birthplace of modern golf. It is generally agreed that golf originates from Scotland in and around the 14th century.In comparison with other countries, the history of golf in Poland is not long. The beginnings of playing golf in Poland are documented in the beginning of the 20th century. The oldest golf club and course was created in Bad Sazbrunn (currently known as Szczawno Zdrój) in 1906.  It was recognized by the whole elite of Europe as one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses at that time. Until 1939, only a few golf courses functioned in Powsina, Gdańsk, Łańcut, Katowice, Szczawno.In 1932, the first Polish language “Golf playing book” by Adam Gubatta was published. In 1938 in Powsina, on the lands bought from Braniccy, “The Polish Country Club” was opened. At that time, earl Karol Radziwiłł was an outstanding world-class Polish golfer.

Shortly after World War II, golf was forbidden by the Polish authorities because it was considered a decadent upper-class sport. The recent and current renaissance of the interest of golf in Poland and other former “eastern bloc” countries began in the 1980's.
 Undoubtedly, a very crucial point in the history of Polish golf was the year 1993, when First Warsaw Golf & Country Club in Rajszewo, started its activity. At the same time, two organizations promoting golf in Poland were established. The first – The Polish Golf Association (Polski Związek Golfowy) – associates amateurs, meaning those players who do not collect salaries for participation in tournaments; the second - PGA Polska – integrates professional players into both the Polish and international professional system. Since that year 1993, there are more and more golf clubs and golf courses on the map of Poland, and the number of Polish golf lovers is growing. Many Europeans are taking golf vacations in Poland, a testament to the beauty and popularity of the new Polish golf courses.

The Poland Golf Clubs Map below shows the location of the Golf Courses in Poland

# name w.w.w. year holes
1 Amber Baltic Golf Club 1992 18
2 Golf & Relax Łukęcinie 1993 9
3 Sierra Golf Club 2002 18
4 Gdańsk Golf & Country Club 1997 18
5 Mazury Golf & Country Club 2002 18
6 TatFort Golf Club 2003 9
7 Binowo Park Golf Club 2000 18
8 Bachalski Sport Park 2000 9
9 Golf Club Bytkowo 2004 18
10 Golf Klub Wityng 2002 9
11 First Warsaw Golf & Country Club 1992 18
12 Golf Palace 2001 9
13 First Wroclaw Golf Club 1999 9
14 Rycerski Klub Golfowy Krobielowice 2002 9
15 Śląski Klub Golfowy 1997 9
16 First Golf Club Pszczyna 2000 9
17 Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club 2002 18
18 Royal Kraków Golf & Country Club 2001 9
19 Pierwszy Lubelski Klub Golfowy 2001 9
20 Talki Golf SA 2003 9
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