During the Lenten season in Poland, festivities are solemn and centered on a church weekly service called Gorzkie Zale (Lenten Lamentations). This ancient custom was started in the early 18th Century and is conducted with words and chants that retrace the passion and crucifixion of Christ. This unique conversation with Christ about his suffering is done to haunting melodies that will burn into your memory and stay with you throughout Lent and beyond. A sample of the words and melodies can be reviewed here. This tradition continues at St. Stanislaus Kostka where the service is sung by the renowned Polish Choir every Wednesday evening at 6 PM. Although in Polish, guidebooks provide a page-by page English translation of what is being said. I encourage you to attend at least once during these next several weeks.

PM Pierogi Pinchers Sought
Afterward, head downstairs and donate some time at PM Pierogi with St. Stan’s pierogi team. This
is the last week to pinch before Easter. You’ll get a chance to see firsthand how these tasty dumplings come together and learn from the experts how to execute the perfect pinch! And of course if you are observing meatless Fridays, enjoying tasty pierogi will certainly make it less of a sacrifice. But preorder because it gets busy this time of year. Call 330-747-3024 to place your order.

A second chance to see the Best Foreign Film of the Year
After its recent Academy Award win for Best Foreign Film, we are have been asked to once again screening the 2014 film Ida. We screened it originally in October, but a lot of people didn't make it to the first screening. We know you can do on demand, but we have found that the discussion is one of the highlights of this film series. Join us Friday, March 27, 2015. Preregistration required. For more info, call 330-333-9724.

Spend your summer in Poland with us
Time is running out for yout to register to for this summer’s planned adventure. We welcome all fun travelers—young/old, rookie/veteran traveler—all are welcome and excited. Why don’t YOU join us too? This year PolishYoungstown has customized a tour to appeal to anyone considering a trip to Poland, from first-time visitors to the “Old Country” to seasoned veterans. Our tour hits the highlights of Poland with a unique journey through central and southern Poland and special emphasis on the rich customs, colorful history, and diverse cultures of eastern Poland. Learn more here.

Our proud kielbasa tradition
This picture of our friend Ken Shirilia proudly in the middle of a kielbasa-making class was snapped several years ago in our friend’s commercial grade homemade kielbasa kitchen. It was a great morning of hands-on learning that always makes me smile when I see this popular picture. NOW—after many requests—we are finally are having the chance to offer this class once again! Join us for a master class with local expert Steve Badurik who will show us how it is done! From ground meat combinations to seasoning to casing choices, Baduirk has become known for his unique combinations and will share his knowledge with students! Plus after tasting all the goodies you will leave with a pound of your favorite!  Zapraszamy! Join us! Sunday, April 19, 2015 1 – 4 PM Cost: $25.  Only 10 slots available. Prepaid registration only Call 330-333-9724.

In Review
Chaos and creativity describe fun-filled egg decorating session
The age old tradition of decorating eggs with wax was successfully shared with our youngest generation this month at Polish Kids Corner. More than a dozen children ranging in age from 2 to 12 clustered around our beloved PYtown Trustee Bernadette Zubel like she was a pied piper. Zubel told the story of how she got interested in egg decorating and that it is her mission now to get others involved. Pisanki comes from the Polish verb pisać, ‘to write”, and traditionally, the eggs are decorated with many Polish symbols of Easter. Different regions of Poland decorate eggs differently, not just in the symbols they use but also the dyes and other materials. What to try it out yourself?  Kits and materials are available for sale at Krakus Deli and other craft supply stores.

Polonia around the Nation
DOY is definitely going to Krakow!
Excitement is building at the Diocese of Youngstown Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry as planning comes together for the big World Youth Day in Krakow in 2016. Director Cindee Case has been to five of these events around the world and is getting very excited for Poland. Latest news: the group hotel is inside the city limits (many groups are having to travel in fom an hour away each day for events) and the trip is definitely happening regardless of total number signed up. Although labled Youth Day, this experience is made for anyone young in spirit! Learn more about it here The next trip meeting is a webinar on Tuesday April 14 at 6:30 PM For more info call Cindee Case at 330-744-8451 X 280.   

News from Poland
Ted Mirercki
Tensions between Poland and Russian continue to rise
The strained relationship between Warsaw and Moscow is nothing new. However many events are happening now that are considered new and tied to Russia’s role in the conflict in Ukraine. This week officials in St. Petersburg allowed bailiffs to evict Poland's consulate there. On Monday, the Ministry of Defence called members of Poland’s reserve forces to turn up for military exercises “immediately.”  The authorities, say these drills are not to linked with the enduring tension between NATO and Russia, but few believe them. This week’s edition of Polish Media Watch has more on this story.

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