Learning from our Cleveland Neighbors
Our neighbors to the north are an inspiration as to how they are bringing the study of Poland to the university level. Cleveland State University Polish Studies began in 2010 with the creation of a partnership between CSU and the University of Warsaw facilitated by the Kosciuszko Foundation. Since that time, activity has been especially lively in the CSU College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences where the faculty is committed to developing student and faculty exchanges as well as to exploring joint research initiatives.
The 2015 Visiting Polish Scholar and Kosciusko Fellow is Dr.Tomasz Markiewka. On staff at the
University of Bielsko-Biała, Department of English/Department of Polish, Markiewka is a full-time professor teaching Translation, Comparative Literature, and Post-Colonial Literature. His literary specialty area is the writings of Teodor Parnicki.  His critical edition of Parenicki’s work was recently recognized as the Best Book in the Diaries and Memories category by Książki (Magazine) in Warsaw. During his CSU semester, Markiewka is teaching a course entitled “Turning Points in Polish History”.  The course presents the main events in Polish history set against the broader European context.

The YSU Slavic Student Association has invited Dr. Markiewka to the Mahoning Valley to meet and share his insights on the 20th Century Polish Historical Novel. Zapraszamy!  Please join us Thursday, April 23, 2015, at 5 PM at the Steel Museum, 151 W. Wood Street.

All Generations are Invited to this Screening
Seeing as how April 19th is the 72nd anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, it is only fitting that our film be a film about the event: Pokolenie A Generation. This coming-of-age story deals with love, survival and loss set against one of the worst tragedies in human history. It is the first film by Andrzej Wajda, arguably Poland's most famous and respected filmmaker. It is also the oft-talked about Polish Film School. It also features another famous Polish director, Roman Polanski, in his very first acting role. As with all of Wajda's films, Polish history and the individual's struggle in the face of crushing political circumstances are just below the surface. Here, the communists and the nationalist Home Army, each representing a diametrically opposed view of Poland's future, are set on a collision course.
Thursday, April 16, 2015, 6 PM at First Presbyterian Church on Wick Avenue, Youngstown. For more info, call 330-333-9724.

Our proud kielbasa tradition
This picture of our friend Ken Shirilla proudly in the middle of a kielbasa-making class was snapped several years ago in our friend’s commercial- grade, homemade kielbasa kitchen. It was a great morning of hands-on learning that always makes me smile when I see this popular picture. NOW—after many requests—we finally have the chance to offer this class once again! Join us for a master class with local expert Steve Badurik who will show us how it is done! From ground meat combinations to seasoning to casing choices, Badurik has become known for his unique combinations and will share his knowledge with students! Plus, after tasting all the goodies, you will leave with a pound of your favorite!  Zapraszamy! Join us! Sunday, April 19, 2015 1 – 4 PM Cost: $25.  Only 10 slots available. Prepaid registration only. Call 330-333-9724.

Events in review

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News from Poland by Ted Mirercki
Chopin interest is music to ears of Poles once again

Tourism officials say a concerted effort is under way to cash in Poland’s most famous composer, as the country seeks to build on the 3 million visitors who come to Warsaw each year. Of those, 200,000 already visit two museums dedicated to the virtuoso pianist – a baroque palace in central Warsaw’s unlovely, grey, communist-era blocks, and his birthplace in bucolic Żelazowa Wola, an hour west of the city. Some come just because “Warsaw is the city of Chopin,” say tourism officials, so in addition to a website, a mobile application is under construction that will allow users to take “selfies with Chopin” at five locations across Warsaw, with a picture of the composer superimposed on to the image. More on this and other stories in this week’s edition of Polish Media Watch.

How do planes crash?
A discussion of two controversial air disasters from an engineering perspective” is the subject of a program 3 p.m. Friday, April 17 in the Jones Room of Kilcawley Center on the campus of Youngstown State University.
The program, sponsored by the YSU Peace and Conflict Studies Program and the Department of Politics and International Relations, is free and open to the public.
The discuss will center on the April 2010 crash of a PolishTu-154M on its way to Smolensk, Russia. Among the dead were high-ranking members of the Polish government, military and civil society. The plane was on its way to a commemorative ceremony, honoring the thousands of Polish military officers who had been executed by orders from Joseph Stalin during World War II. The crash remains under investigation by the Polish Parliament; the results of the investigation have also been presented to the European Parliament.

Wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine.
The discussion will also consider the July 2014 crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which occurred in Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers.
Two distinguished engineering experts, Wieslaw Binienda of Akron University’s Civil Engineering Department, and Glenn Arthur Jorgenson, an aviation expert at the Technical University of Denmark, will present their findings on these events. Both have been experts on the Polish Parliamentary Committee investigating the Smolensk crash. For more information, contact Keith Lepak at 330-941-3437.


Calendar Highlights
April 19 Polska Kuchnia... May 9 Cleveland Museum of Art Kosciuszko panel dedication... April 21 5 PM “Central European Arts and Culture: 25 Years after Communism”, Cleveland State University... April 24-25 1:00-6:00 PM Polish Film Festival, Cleveland State University... June 20 5th Anniversary Simply Slavic... July 11-12 YSU Festival of the Arts... August 23-27 PNA Convention, Cleveland... Sunday, August 30 Polish Day 2015.


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