At Polish-American Heritage Days
Dealers Needed for Annual POKER & PIEROGI Charity Card Games & Tournament
Fashion yourself handy with the cards? Every dream of working in Vegas or Atlantic City? This is your chance to show your stuff! We are looking for a few 21+ year old volunteers to help us carry the day at our annual card party. No experience necessary—our professionals will teach you all you need to know! This is an event for amateurs and serious card players alike! The Poker & Pierogi  Games andTournament will take place on Saturday, August 23 from 11 AM -11 PM at the Saxon Club in Austintown. For more information call 330-333-9724 or email

Pierogi Reigns Supreme
Time to find out who makes them the tastiest! Plan to test your skills in the first ever
Youngstown Best Pierogi Contest. Participants will bring their two dozen dumplings to the event ready to be tasted (slight reheating is available but no boiling) Applicants will be tasted by judges and the public alike in one of four categories:

  Homemade Traditional – boiled or fried pierogi filled with cheese, cheese/potato or kapusta (pickled or fresh cabbage) with or without mushrooms, carrots, etc.
  Homemade Non-Traditional – open to entrant’s creativity, keeping in mind that a pierog is a stuffed pocket of dough.
  Dessert – pierogi made as a dessert open to entrant’s creativity

We wanted to throw in categories for Commercial and Church like they do elsewhere but weren’t sure those folks were up for the challenge (although I know where I like to buy MY pierogi…).  Winners in each category will walk away with prizes, pride and the title of Youngstown's Best Pierogi Maker. More info is available by calling 330-333-9724.
Want to judge? We are currently putting together out group of celebrity and other judges. Tell us why You should be a judge here and you might be selected for that tasty position!
Now if you want to show your love of pierogi thru consumption, fear not! We also will be hosting the ever popular
5th Annual Pierogi Eating Contest and registration is opening for that next week too.

Your Polish Tastes by Barbara Rolek
Simple Foods with Summer's Bounty of Fruit and Veggies
When life hands you fruit, make cake! Or jam, or sauce or eat it out of hand. I can't get enough fresh produce in the summer. Just about everything is grown somewhere in the world all year long, so you never have to go without. But there's something about locally grown, in-season fruits and veggies that simply can't be beat.  I have a couple simple cake recipes work with fresh fruit or fruit you've frozen to preserve summer's bounty. For the most part, they can be whipped up on a moment's notice or when unexpected company comes calling. One of my favorites is Polish Plum Cake Recipe - Placek z Sliwkami It is quick and easy while making use of an abundance of fresh plums or nectarines, peaches or apples for that matter! Try it out with this recipe.

Polish Happy Hour
We are going to add a little spice to our late summer gathering. Join us Thursday, August 14, 2014 5 – 9 PM at El Vallarta Mexican Cantina, 1738 Boardman-Poland Rd (Rt. 224 just east of I-680). El Vallarta will provide the happy sounds of Norteña music (Mexican Polkas) while we dine on their authentic Mexican cuisine. Here a sample here Polish vodka cocktails will be available as well as traditional tequila-based drinks. For those interested, karaoke will begin at 9:00pm. REMEMBER: there is ongoing construction at the Rt. 224 / I-680 interchange, so plan your route and travel time accordingly.

News from Polonia 
Polish-American Communication Tool Released
The Piast Institute was founded in Hamtramck to provide Polish American organizations with the information and tools they need to succeed in their missions. You might remember their effort to help us maintain our identity in the 2010 U.S. National Census. The group this month announced a new, key project to inform and empower us and help us tell our story. Called the Polish American Communication Initiative, the objective non-partisan website-driven project was developed with the assistance of the Congressional Quarterly to create a rapid alert, information and response system for important Polish and Polish American issues. Learn more about it and get involved here

Chopin takes the stage again
A one-man show devoted to Poland’s famous pianist and composer is making a huge hit and having us thinking we need to encourage an eastern tour. Monsieur Chopin Hershey Felder’s musical biography of legendary composer. In his passionate portrayal of the “Poet of the Piano,” Felder reveals the beloved and romantic composer’s secrets about his creations against a gorgeous, lush score of more than a dozen compositions. This is the latest the author’s Composers Sonata. Previous critically acclaimed shows include George Gershwin Alone and Beethoven, As I Knew Him. Originally scheduled to run through August 3, the show has been extended at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Here a sample of the show here

News from Poland
by Ted Mirercki
US spies to relocate to Poland?
Revelations that the United States had been spying on German politicians and top officials came to a head with the CIA station chief in Berlin being asked to leave the country after it was discovered that two US spies had allegedly infiltrated the German government. German newspapers reported that  the CIA recruited more than a dozen spies in the defence, development, economy and interior ministries. Despite US secretary of state John Kerry saying that Washington and Berlin “remain great friends”, the same newspapers reported that new locations for the spies are being sort, with locations in Poland or the Czech republic thought most favourable. Learn more about this and other news stories in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch.  

Calendar Highlights

August 14 Polish Happy Hour... August 24 Polish Day 2014!... complete 2014 calendar of event dates is available on the PolishYoungstown website... don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for quicker updates.

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Polish Words of the Month

·         Beach-plaża

·         Ice cream-lody

·         Sandals-sandały

·         Party-strona

·         Friends-przyjaciele

·         Fruit-owoc

·         Travel-podróżować

·         Ocean-morze