The celebration of Lent and Easter in the Polish-American community is one of great fasting, great feasting, wrapped in age-old family and church traditions. Unfortunately, many of these traditions have been lost over time. But, now is the chance to revive them for your family. Święconka, a Polish Easter Traditions workshop and celebration will take place on Sunday, March 24 from 1-5 PM. This popular FREE event will include egg decorating and palm weaving workshops will be conducted by noted folklorist and author, Lawrence Kozlowski, throughout the day at The Heschmeyers at 5701 Sampson Drive, Girard as a private event. Reserve one of the limited spots by calling 330-333-9724. DON’T WANT TO CRAFT BUT NEED EASTER SUPPLIES?  Larry will be bringing his eggs, kits, basket clothes and so much more! Stop by throughout the afternoon to purchase.

Honoring the contribution of the founders
The Lenten season is a perfect time to add prayer and reflection to your calendar. This Polish Arts Club of Youngstown event is a way to do both. Join the members and guests for the 2019 Memorial Mass & Breakfast on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at St. Stanislaus Church. The mass starts at 11:00 AM with the option of participating in the gorzkie żale (traditional Lenten lamentation) service before at 10:15 AM. This annual event is the Club’s way of remembering, honoring and commemorating its many deceased members who did such good work to preserve and promote this proud Polish culture. This event is open to the public and catered breakfast is available after mass. Reservations are required for $15 pp full breakfast. Not a member yet? Learn more HERE

Say Goodbye to Winter at Polish Happy Hour

"Już wiosenne słonko wzbija się po niebie,

w tej wezbranej rzece utopimy ciebie!”

The drowning the Marzanna, the pagan goddess of Death and symbol of winter, is a custom continued in the towns of Poland.  This ceremony reportedly helps nudge out the cold, snowy days of winter and welcome the coming warmth of Spring. Children make a straw effigy and throw it into a nearby river or other suitable place. Sometimes the doll was set on fire before her immersion into the water.
Take part in this fun tradition and enjoy the fellowship of friends at Polish Happy Hour on March 21 from 6 – 9 PM with our friends at Justin & Aneta Homer at The Casual Pint in the Shops at Boardman Park. There will be tasty food and a featured brew. ZAPRASZAMY!

News from Poland by Ted Mirercki
Decades after the end of the cold war, Russia is showing new aggression
President Andrzej Duda expressed caution at a meeting with his counterparts from the Czech Republic and Hungary last week. The group gathered to mark exactly two decades since their countries became members of NATO; a landmark that se  aled their military realignment with the West after decades under the Soviet yoke. Duda said in the Czech capital: “Unfortunately, threats that enslaved us for over 40 years are today returning, in a slightly different form, but without a doubt they are coming back.”  Poland is responding to the threat by Poland negotiating to buy modern US F-35 fighter jets for its air force. This is after signing a deal to buy 20 HIMARS artillery rocket systems from the United States for $414 million last month. And last year signed what officials described as a historic deal to buy an American Patriot air defence system for $4.75 billion. These investments didn’t convince the US to build a permanent military base in Poland, however. Gazeta Wyborcza reported last week that Poland can only hope for a slight increase of US troop presence, and no "Fort Trump" any time soon.  Learn more about this story and more in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Thursday, March 21 Polish Happy Hour, Casual Pint…Saturday, April 6 Polka with Peppermint – featuring Squeezebox & Mollie B, Rolling Mills, Girard…Tuesday, April 9 Eastern European Congress of Ohio banquet…Monday, April 22 Krakusy Society of Youngstown Dyngus Day Youngstown, Casual Pint… Sunday, April 28  Constitution Day Parade & Celebration Fleet Avenue in Warszawa Historic District of Cleveland (known today as Slavic Village)…May 3 YSU Study trip to Eastern Europe Saturday, May 5 Krakusy Society of Youngstown Constitution Day CelebrationSunday, August 18 Polish Day! And you know there will be more to come!

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